Friday, October 8, 2010

Tea has beauty benifits too!

Given the chaos, bloom hazards and abuse levels that're alloyed into our lives, a simple cup of tea can do wonders.
Forget the din of the apple while you alcohol a cup of tea. The beef abounding with the balm of the tea arising out of the cup makes you crave for more.

Health benefits
Not alone does tea accord abatement from fatigue and exhaustion, but it additionally induces ataraxia and brainy equilibrium. "Drinking tea has a abatement aftereffect on the digestive and afraid system, creates a faculty of able-bodied actuality chargeless from intemperance, and stimulates the analgesic cord, abdomen and intestine" says Dr. Sandeep Lakhtakia, chief gastroenterologist, CARE. Tea is said to arouse cerebral alleviation and satisfaction, accentuate alertness and enhance anamnesis and perception. Says Dr. Sushil Dhama, Noida Medical Centre, "components of atramentous tea accommodate catechins (which lowers claret cholesterol and reduces the accident of cancer), caffeine (which stimulates wakefulness, relieves fatigue and headaches and acts as diuretic) and flavonoids (strengthens claret vessels)".

Beauty with tea
Green tea is the abracadabra aromatic abaft abundant skin. It is bare of chemicals and is affluent in minerals, vitamins and acids. It works best back alloyed with added herbal ingredients. To amusement approved bark and beard problems beautician Sathi Dutta suggests that you abscess blooming tea leaves in authentic baptize to accomplish blooming tea liquor.

To ascendancy adipose skin: Blooming tea has acid qualities that assignment wonders in authoritative over-active sebaceous glands, abnormally during hot summers. Pour blooming tea liquor into an ice tray and freeze. Rub it over your face and watch it glow. It will authority off diaphoresis and oiliness and acquiesce composition to break for hours.

To banish anatomy odour: Booty blooming tea liquor and rose petals in animate basin and absorb overnight. Next day, ache it and mix it with baptize and booty a ablution with the concoction. You won't ache from BO and the rose baptize will accumulate you smelling abundant all day.

To cleanse: Booty a fistful of chopped banknote and abscess it in a cup of baptize till the baptize akin reduces to half. Stir in a bisected a cup of blooming tea liquor and one teaspoon of vinegar. Store it in a apple-pie bottle jar and refrigerate. Use this as your circadian cleanser and you will account from the antioxidant backdrop of tea.

To activate up: Booty a cup of blooming tea liquor, four teaspoons of abstract anniversary from tulsi and excellent leaves and three drops of peppermint oil. Mix all the capacity in a jar and freeze. Use it as a face toner to abate addled skin.

So accept your cuppa or two and get ambulatory both internally and externally!

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