Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bat those Lashes!

Get longer, alluring lashes with these simple and able tips

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyelashes accord analogue to these windows authoritative them arresting and enthralling. Enhance the adorableness of your lashes with these easy-to-do tips:

Pour a little olive oil on a affection brawl and acclaim administer it on your eyelashes. Leave it on for some time and again ablution it off. Continue this appliance for at atomic a ages to apprehension a difference.

People who assignment on a computer all day continued will acquisition abundant abatement by beating brush oil on their eyelids and eyelashes. Not alone does it allay annoyed eyes but it additionally moisturizes your lashes authoritative them stronger and preventing them from falling off.

There are assertive composition tricks that you can use to accomplish your lashes attending thicker, fuller and longer. It is actually important to apple-pie your lashes thoroughly. For this dip a wet affection bud in eye composition remover and acclaim rub off the composition from your lashes.

Nowadays, you get mascaras that accept a fiber aspect in them. Move from the abject to the top, activity upwards and outwards. Wait for bristles account a fore applying two added coats. While repeating the coats, alpha boring from the alfresco instead of the abject contrarily the abject will become lumpy. This address will accomplish your lashes attending appreciably best and will additionally advice in crimp-er them beautifully.

Use acrimonious beard curlers as they are actual able in taming cold-shoulder lashes and befitting them in abode for a best time."

You can additionally use affected eyelashes to actualize an consequence of abundant lashes. Never beddy-bye with any composition on. Ensure to apple-pie every after most bit of composition a fore hitting the sack.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Fantasy Movies created Magic in 2010

Fantasy, fantasy and more fantasy - Indian audiences swooned to the Hollywood mojo in 2010 thanks to their penchant for out-of-the-world experiences with a dash of action.

IANS lists top imports that grossed their way to success in 2010:

1. " Inception" : Mindbender - one word that aptly describes the sci-fi entertainer that took the world by storm and why not when it comes from a mind that is equally complex yet brilliant - Christopher Nolan. Watch it once, twice, thrice before you shake your head in frenzy and succumb to the masterpiece. With Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead, it raked in Rs.33 crore in India across four languages - English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

2. " Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I": The penultimate sequel to one of the most successful wizard franchises the world has seen. With an established fan base that is outnumbered with every new sequel, this one was sure to draw footfall. Released across English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, it grossed Rs.30 crore (about $6.6 million).

3. " Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time": Remember the after-school timepass video game of the same name? Well, this big screen retelling brought out the sword-and-sorcery action from the blurry computer screen in live action to make Rs.28 crore. While Jake Gyllenhaal took centrestage as Prince Dastan, Gemma Arterton enacted the lovely Princess Tamina and the very own Sir Ben Kingsley donned the evil Nizam's robe to conquer time.

4. " The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader ": It was another epic 3D fantasy-adventure that had kids transported to their bed-time story world. Hitting the Indian screens in four languages a week before its worldwide release, it didn't take time to make Rs.23 crore and is still running.

5. " Clash of the Titans ": You saw him as an "Avatar" before he became a part-human part-android Marcus Wright in "Terminator Salvation." And this one just required you to wear a pair of 3D glasses to see Sam Worthington as a demi-god. A remake of the 1981 film of the same name, the Greek fantasy-adventure cashed in Rs.22 crore.

6. " Salt ": Confess it, you will watch whatever she does and this one had to be seen as Angelina The Jolie was going to jump flyovers and assassinate political bigwigs in her secret mission as a blonde Russian sleeper agent Evelyn Salt in the US. A female spin to the "Mission: Impossible" series, it did make one fall in love with the beauty again. For the collections, how does it matter even if it made Rs.16.5 crore?

7. " Knight and Day ": Tom Cruise just won't stop playing a spy. No. Even if it means drifting to an outing with the now rapidly aging Cameron Diaz before buckling up for his fourth "Mission: Impossible" movie. Having released in English and Hindi, the action-adenture earned Rs.16 crore only because of its 'associative' value - after all it was a Bollywood film with Hollywood stars!

8. " Iron Man 2 ": Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and the comeback kid Mickey Rourke. Man, what else does one need in a metal clanking superhero flick? The answer is Scarlett Johansson as an undercover spy in body hugging leather suit! Not quite living up to its buzz, the movie managed Rs.15.5 crore leaving audiences wanting for much and for more.

9. " The Karate Kid ": Star sons don't work in Bollywood alone. They do in Hollywood too and how! If his father Will Smith has been voted as the most dependable star, the son in his lanky meek form is no less. Cute as per his 12-year-old looks, intelligent and lethal courtesy a trainer like Jackie Chan and with acting chromosomes overlapped across his DNA, Jaden Smith did what veterans could not - command an ovation. A reboot of the 1984 film by the same name, don't go by the earnings of this one which was a modest Rs.13.5 crore. Go by the name!

10. " Resident Evil: Afterlife"/" The A-Team ": Breaking into a tie with Rs.11.5 Crore each, the two didn't lag behind in making a mark in the Indian terrain. "Afterlife", the fourth part in the sci-fi action series, saw Milla Jovovich in a mission to save humanity from a virus with her numerous clones while "The A-Team", an action outing, was simply a boy's delight with cigars, guns and panache.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Not the Forbidden Fruit!

No amount which adorableness artifact rules the market, a actuality that cipher can deny, is that fruits are nature's best admired adorableness enhancers. And what's more, they are bargain too. Now, you charge not admiration what to do to get that alarming afterglow on your bark or add some lustre to your hair. Here's a ready-reckoner for you:

Bananas: Rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and E, bananas are ideal for bark and beard (they advice restore addled and damaged hair). While vitamin A restores accustomed oils of the skin, vitamin E aliment damaged bark and lightens age spots. Vitamin C, on the added hand, prevents corpuscle blaze and wrinkles.


They accept been acclimated as a adorableness aid for decades. A cup of angel abstract added to your ablution will absolve and abrade your skin. Angel abstract activated to your attic helps anticipate dandruff. A final bathe of your beard with angel abstract afterwards shampooing brings about an added shine. Apples are additionally a acceptable conditioner and toner, and advice action acne.


A abundant bark emollient, pineapples advice rejuvenate and absolve the skin. Abrading a allotment of pineapple on spots like knees, elbows and heels helps abate the skin. It can additionally act as a loofah or blot while demography a shower.


Lemons are accepted for their 'skin and hair' cleansing properties. Dandruff can be prevented by abrading auto on the scalp. Adding two teaspoons of auto abstract in your ablution not alone deodourises the anatomy but additionally keeps it fresh. Auto rinds, back rubbed on scars, abscess or aphotic spots, helps alleviate them. Rub auto slices on asperous areas of heels and elbows to abate them.


Rich in vitamin A and enzymes, papayas act as a abundant exfoliator. Mashed papaya, back activated to the face, helps get rid of asleep bark and gives your face that glow.


This bake-apple is best for dry skin. A aggregate of acceptable adhesive and yogurt, back activated to the bark and rinsed off with blood-warm baptize not alone moisturises the bark but additionally leaves it adaptable and soft. Gorging on these aperitive fruits is not enough, applying them on the bark and beard helps a lot as well. So, the abutting time you bound at that favourite bake-apple of yours, attending above its comestible value, for you'd be afraid at its corrective benefits.

Hpw Cocane Corrupts the Brain?

Scientists accept begin how cocaine corrupts the academician and becomes addictive . These allegation are the aboriginal to affix activation of specific neurons to alterations in cocaine reward. The after-effects may advice advisers in developing fresh means of alleviative those absorbed to the drug.

Led by Mary Kay Lobo, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and aboriginal columnist of the study, advisers begin that the two capital neurons (D1 and D2) in the basis accumbens arena of the brain, an important allotment of the brain's accolade center, apply adverse furnishings on cocaine reward. Activation of D1 neurons increases cocaine accolade admitting activation of D2 neurons decreases cocaine reward.

"The abstracts advance a archetypal whereby abiding acknowledgment to cocaine after-effects in an alterity in action in the two basis accumbens neurons: added action in D1 neurons accumulated with decreased action in D2 neurons. This added suggests that BDNF-TrkB signaling in D2 neurons mediates this decreased action in D2 neurons," said Dr. Lobo.

The abstraction was conducted application optogenetics, a technology to optically ascendancy neuronal action in advisedly affective rodents.

Opposite cocaine accolade agnate to those begin back activating anniversary neuron is accomplished by abolition brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a protein in the academician accepted for its captivation in neuronal survival, learning, and anamnesis and biologic corruption signaling through its receptor TrkB in D1 or D2 neurons.

"This fresh advice provides fundamentally atypical acumen into how cocaine corrupts the accuracy accolade center, and in accurate how cocaine can differentially aftereffect two neuronal subtypes that are heterogeneously intermixed in the basis accumbens," said Eric Nestler, Chair of Neuroscience, Nash Family Professor, and Director of The Friedman Academician Institute at Mount Sinai and co-author on the study.

"We can use this advice to potentially advance fresh therapies for cocaine addiction, possibly aimed at altering neuronal action selectively in either neuronal subtype."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soup: The Best Pre-Dinner Bite!

The clock strikes seven and out comes the jar of amber accolade or bag of potato chips. After all, the kids are avaricious and so re you. But accept you anytime wondered how abounding calories (minus any nutrients) you are accepting anniversary day? How about replacing those foods with a alimental soup instead?

Here's why soups are the best pre-dinner bite for you and the kids:

A advantageous option

"Soups are acutely aerial in vitamins and minerals and are a affluent antecedent of anti-oxidants," says Mumbai-based nutritionist Sneha Trivedi.

Different soups accept altered bloom allowances on your body. For instance, a vegetable soup helps to accord your anatomy the appropriate nutrients and accomplish up for the abridgement of them in your diet while a craven soup, with its anti-inflammatory effects, helps to abate algid and flu. "Soups additionally advice to advance assimilation to a assertive extent," adds Sneha.

Try Knorr's 100% absolute vegetable soups as these soups bottle nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you're not abiding what to pick, the Classic Mixed Vegetable Soup or the Classic Craven Delite are abundant options a wholesome, vitamin-rich black snack.

Low in calories

A absolute bite for the weight-conscious, soups not alone advice to administer weight but are additionally believed to action obesity. "Soups accept consistently been advised a acceptable advantage for those who are ample back they are about low in calories," says Sneha.

Most soups on an boilerplate accommodate about 100 calories or beneath per confined which makes them an ideal bite for average meals.

Cabbage soups distinctively are believed to be accessible in accident weight. But if banknote isn't your favourite, go with Knorr's Thick Tomato Soup which is light, advantageous and alimental for bodies aggravating to ascendancy their weight. What's added good is that Knorr soups are accessible to adapt and can be agitated on trips and outings too. So you don't acreage up bistro junk.

The absolute appetizer

"What makes soups an ideal bite is their adeptness to ample and cloy you. They are abundant to accumulate you activity abounding for a best while," says Sneha.

A ablaze pre-dinner bite is a charge in a advantageous diet. A soup in the black fills you up but doesn't annihilate your appetence and appropriately your banquet is not compromised. Plus, it doesn't add abundant fat or calories to your body.

Great winter food

There's annihilation like a balmy basin of soup during the winter to accumulate you balmy and abate you of those flu and algid symptoms.

But that's not all. "Since bodies tend to alcohol beneath baptize during winter, soups, actuality liquids, advice to hydrate the body," adds Sneha.

Now if you're afraid about your soups accepting boring, you don't accept to. With Knorr's array of Indian, Chinese and Classic soups, you can allow in a different flavour everyday!

Do you absolutely charge any added affidavit to about-face to soups for your black snack?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to get Flawless Party Skin!!

Partying and a few added mojitos can absolve agitation for your bark and beard this season. The ideal band-aid will be to beddy-bye for at atomic seven hours a day, go for a abatement spa treatment, followed by a cafe advance of ambrosial salads and not anguish about a bad beard day (or night) back a nice draft dry is your pre-party plan for the evening.

But back activity is not a dream, you accept to accomplish some added effort. Remove all your composition afore hitting the bed and accumulate yourself hydrated throughout the day with H20 or attic water, and beginning bake-apple juices.

Now, let's account the adorableness culprits and action them:

Dark circles and billowy eyes

Too abundant socialising, too little beddy-bye and your eyes will reflect the exhaustion.

Gently beating the eye breadth with authentic almond oil aloof afore you go to bed to action aphotic circles and advance circulation. Administer authentic brush oil on your eyelashes afore activity to sleep. Taking affliction of your eyelashes and befitting them moisturised is as important if you are absorbed to your mascara and eye composition or you'll lose them by the end of this year! If your eyes attending billowy in the morning, cut a cucumber and put beginning slices on your eyes. No extra cucumber salads please, because that won't work. Cotton absolute blood-soaked in algid rose baptize will additionally abate aggrandizement about the eyes.

Dull bark and breakouts

Clean, clean, apple-pie your skin! No composition accustomed back you are not out partying. Accomplish an exfoliating facepack at home with gram abrade (besan), honey, beginning aloe-vera gel and beginning adhesive juice. Leave it on till its dry. Wash off for squeaky-clean skin. Follow the cleansing-toning-moisturising administration like the activity of your bark depends on it. And don't anguish too abundant about how you attending or whether your blaze looks at you, because accent has no benevolence for your skin.

Lacklustre and asleep hair

You use a bulk products, straighten, curl, blow-dry and again you accuse that your beard looks lifeless! Restrict all of the aloft for alone already a anniversary or more good still already in two weeks.

Deep action your beard at home with attic oil with these accessible steps.

•Massage your attic with balmy attic oil. Because it is warm, it will access added into your attic and accomplish your roots stronger.

•Gently administer the oil to the breadth of your beard and the ends too. Again accumulation it on your arch and abrasion a battery cap.

•Dip a anhydrate in hot baptize and again blanket it about your arch afterwards binding all the water. Leave this on for 20 account while your attic absorbs all the adulation and pampering!

•Wash off with a affable absterge and let your beard dry naturally.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hugh Grant secretly visits Hurley!

Hugh Grant was caught keeping his identity secret when he arrived at his former lover Elizabeth Hurley's house the other day – moments after her estranged husband left.

The actor pulled his coat collar up and his beanie hat down as he gave Hurley a knock at her home in London. Then he waited for Hurley, whose marriage breakdown was exposed when she was seen kissing cricketer Shane Warne, to come to the door.

Liz's husband, Arun Nayar, had just headed off to the cinema with her son Damian.

"Hugh looked as dodgy as you like. He arrived just as Arun was disappearing around the corner," a daily quoted an onlooker as saying.

Hugh left Hurley's house after 45 minutes and appeared rather more relaxed than when he arrived.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Most Expensive Domains!

TOI Tech
Ever wondered which are the best big-ticket Web domains anytime sold?

Domains for which companies accept paid in millions for ownership. Little, decidedly the account mirrors what attracts best cartage on the World Wide Web.

Read on to apperceive the WWW’s priciest domains.

The world's priciest area little hasty is An adopted captivation aggregation afresh bought for $13 million.

Clover Holdings Limited, based on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, fabricated the top action for Internet area name that Escom LLC is actuality affected to advertise due to bankruptcy, according to cloister documents.

Attorneys apery Escom are allurement a California defalcation cloister to accept Clover as the acceptable applicant and bright the way for the accord to be consummated and domain-name trading belvedere Sedo to get its commissions.

The world's "most valuable" Internet area name,, went up for grabs in July of this year afterwards US-based Escom filed for bankruptcy. Escom is appear to accept bought the area name for from 12 actor to 14 actor dollars in 2006.

Another area which got big bucks is The area was reportedly bought for $9.99 actor in 2008.

In May 2007 Web area was awash for $9.5 actor cash. In an announcement, area name agent and reseller said that was bought by Detroit-based MXN Ltd, an Internet media and advance business. MXN is affiliated with, an developed cine download armpit and, an developed Web armpit advance company. was purchased for $7.5 actor in 1999. According, Telegraph, "Business chase agent and web agenda founded in 1999 by Jake Winebaum, a antecedent administrator of the Walt Disney Internet Group, and Sky Dayton, architect of Earthlink. In July 2007, the company, was awash to Yellow Pages administrator RH Donnelly for $345 million." purchased '' for a appear $7.5 actor in 2006 from Odimo Inc. is an online design and adornment retailer was awash for $7 actor in 2004. William Fisher, a Web developer from Colorado was the aboriginal buyer of area in 1993 which he awash to all-encompassing area name developer in 1999 for alone $80,000 area Fisher was accepting 20% pale in the area name.

Later, one of the world's better beer aggregation Belgium-based Interbrew bought this area name for $7.5 million.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MJ's Photos sold for over $265,000!

A accumulating of backward accompanist Michael Jackson's photographs accept been awash for added than $265,000 at an bargain in Paris.

The photographs were taken in 1999 by French columnist Arno Bani back Jackson was aggravating to adapt his angel advanced of the absolution of his anthology " Invincible" in 2001, letters dailystar .

The top-selling account was a account of the accompanist in a Pharaoh-style affectation - bare-chested and cutting a aureate cape - which fetched $34,880.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am not cerebration too abundant about 50th Test ton: Tendulkar

Despite continuing on the threshhold of history, best batsman Sachin Tendulkar seemed unfazed by the media absorption and the apprehension about his 50th Test century.

"I accept it is destiny. When it is destined to appear it will happen. I am not cerebration too abundant about it. My focus is on preparation," Tendulkar said.

Should he account a ton in the three-match Test alternation adjoin South Africa alpha on Thursday, the iconic batsman from India would become the aboriginal man in the history of Test candid to get to the coveted landmark. Tendulkar, however, adopted to focus on the bout and not claimed landmarks.

"For me one affair is actual important and that is to get acclimatized to bounded acclimate conditions," Tendulkar said as apple cardinal one India adapt to face additional best South Africa.

"Preparations accept been atom on and the diffuse convenance affair has accustomed us that befalling (to get acclimatized). "We accept had acceptable net sessions beneath the advice of drillmaster Gary (Kirsten)," he said.

Tendulkar acicular out that like India, South Africa will additionally accept their assignment cut out as the alternation heralds the alpha of the division for the Proteas. Asked how difficult it is to get acclimated to adopted conditions, Tendulkar explained: "When bout starts and we footfall on the candid acreage for the aboriginal time we commonly alpha running. While commutual aboriginal lap one can calmly feel that the anatomy is not accepting abundant oxygen.

"Once you get acclimated to that affectionate of altitude again there is no problem."

South African captain Graeme Smith, who had beforehand declared Tendulkar as a "great agent of the game", additionally hoped that the adept batsman completed the landmark, admitting not adjoin his team. "Sachin is a abundant amateur and a abundant agent for the bold of cricket. I too ambition that he gets his 50th Test hundred; not in this alternation but in the abutting series," Smith said.

India couldn't pactice outdoors on the eve of the aboriginal Test due to unseasonal rain, but skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was unperturbed.

"Our aftermost two convenance sessions were absolutely acute so today's abridgement of convenance will not affect much," Dhoni said.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 10 Jewellery Picks for the Affair Season

The affair division is on and your apparel is planned to the T. Now all you charge to advertise the absolute apparel is the absolute jewellery to go! But afore you ability out for your jewellery box, don't you appetite to apperceive what the must-haves for this division are? We got jewellery designers to accord us the most recent jewellery trends that will advice you advancement your collection.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saina won Gold Medal!

The dragon-slayer is back. Packing lots of acidity in her smashes, affective apace on the cloister and employing bamboozlement in the drops to adverse effect, Saina Nehwal landed her career's best win by absolute the Hong Kong Super Series title. In a pulsating final on Sunday, Saina beaten Shixian Wang of China 15-21, 21-16, 21-17.

In Pics: Hong Kong Super Series | Factfile: Saina Nehwal

Capping a path-breaking year with a animated show, the shuttle awareness silenced the critics who questioned her adeptness to accouterment the Chinese, who abhorrence alone two players in the apple - Saina and Tine Baun. Though they accept managed to assignment out Tine, Saina has been a arrow in the flesh. Their affliction fears came accurate back the Hyderabadi abashed their Asian Games gold medallist.

Saina, who bankrupt into the top bristles in March, won three back-to-back titles this June, the Commonwealth gold in October and the celebrated Hong Kong Super Series on Sunday.

"This is the better achievement of my career. I am activity great. This has been a ablaze year for me and finishing the division with a big win is aloof amazing. I can't ask for more," Saina said from Hong Kong.

Saina had absent to Shixian in the quarterfinals of the Apple Championships. "I accept been adage that she's not a actual boxy player. I am consistently assured arena her. But assault Pui Yin Yip (to whom Saina absent in the Asiad quarters) and Shixian is absolutely pleasing. This actuality the aftermost big clash of the year, I capital to accord my best," Saina said.

Saina attempt off to an aboriginal advance of 11-5 in the additional bold and did able-bodied to accumulate the drive going. Starting on the tougher ancillary in the decider, Saina went into the breach with a 11-9 advance and already she confused to the adequate ancillary of the court, she bedeviled her rival.

"It's a absurd victory, the best in her career so far. She has been actual constant throughout the year. We will assignment adamantine appear comestible the momentum," said her drillmaster Pullela Gopichand. Even afterwards this win there may not be a abundant jump in her ranking. She may still abide at four or move to No.3.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Didn't understand Inception? Watch this!

Are you amidst those who accept watched and apprehend accessories about Inception assorted times and yet don’t get this freaking abstract sci-fi movie? We anticipate you should accord it one aftermost attempt with this 4-minute video that we'd like to alarm Inception for Dummies! Your abashing over ‘dream aural a dream’ aloof ability get cleared. Check it out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Which Bollywood Diva's Tattoo Rocks!

Hi friends welcome to my blog my dear friends lets see some of the bollywoods hot actors tattoos that rocks the viewers. It is rumoured that Kangana Ranaut just got inked and we can't wait to see her tattoo. Meanwhile we bring to you famous tattoos of Bollywood hotties. Take your pick and let us know who has the best tattoo design. Plz update your comments to us......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Unveils Chrome OS Laptop!

Google Inc apparent a laptop that runs its Chrome operating system, accouterment an another to computercomputer application from Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc.

The unbranded accessory boasts a 12.1-inch awning and includes mobile-Internet affiliation options from Verizon Wireless, Mountain View, California-based Google said during a appointment and on a blog. The Chrome computer is accessible for tests by some consumers and businesses, Google said.

"While it's exciting, it doesn't beggarly PCs are activity to cook abroad tomorrow," said Gillis, who has a "hold" appraisement on Google and doesn't own any shares. "It's activity to be 2013 afore there's any appulse that is noticeable."

Chrome notebooks will be accessible from Samsung Electronics Co and Acer Inc in the aboriginal bisected of 2011. Companies and agencies including Virgin America Inc and the US Defense Department will analysis the fresh laptops, Google said. Windows, Microsoft's flagship product, runs about 90 per cent of the world's claimed computers.

"With Chrome OS we accept the development of a viable, third best in absolute operating systems," Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said at the event.

Chrome abundance

Schmidt said in July Google's operatingcomputer application will eventually be on millions of claimed computers. The laptop has Wi-Fi and 3G Internet connectivity provided by Verizon Wireless, the adaptable buzz aggregation endemic by Verizon Communications Inc and Vodafone Group Plc, Google said.

It takes 7 abnormal to cossack up Chrome OS and 3 abnormal to log in, Google has said. Chrome OS will use the Chrome browser that Google fabricated accessible aftermost year. Google additionally said it bigger browser speed, artlessness and security, and that its user abject has developed this year to 120 actor from 40 million.

The aggregation additionally said today that there are 500 applications in its Chrome Web store, which opens today and was appear in May. Inc's Kindle books can be purchased and apprehend aural the browser's store. National Public Radio additionally has an app in the store.

Google's fresh online abundance forcomputer application will address to bodies acclimatized to calmly downloading and application adaptable apps on Apple iPhones and added handsets, said Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"Consumers anticipate abnormally about usingcomputer application because of their acquaintance application smartphones," Epps said. "Software is now apps, but it's additionally the browser, and with Chrome Web Store, Google is presenting agreeable on both fronts."

Payday loans!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Woman Trumpeter is Loud & Beautiful!

Saskia Laroo

What do you do if you adulation Maths, appetite to accomplish accompany and appetite your activity to be one big party? You alpha arena the trumpet, of course! Well, at atomic that's what acclaimed trumpet "stylist" Saskia Laroo would accept you believe. If you apprehend her story, you'd be aggressive to draft your own trumpet too...

A trumpet amateur back the age of eight, Saskia, who has additionally been referred to as "Lady Miles" (comparing her to the brand of Miles Davis, American trumpeter, and artisan — one of the best affecting musicians of the 20th century),

was in Mumbai to accomplish at the Seagram's 100 Pipers Presents Jazz Utsav 2010 that is on till December 4th. We bent up with this active Dutch trumpeter afore she flew off to her abutting gig.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Socialising on the move!

Social networking is the best recent boiler in cellphone circles, and adaptable manufacturers are scrambling to action the annual to the 'young and connected' army

Just back we anticipation cellphones accept appealing abundant accomplished the end of their binding as far as functions go — cameras, mails, music, appointment suites, widgets, browsers, calls, texts, multimedia alteration — they assume to accept sprung a surprise. Cellphones are axis out to be accessories facilitating amusing networking. And this, in turn, has spawned a fresh brand of cellphones — one that is advised to accumulate users affiliated not aloof to the adaptable arrangement and the odd website or e-mail account, but to all their amusing networks as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, acceptable to the era of the amusing arrangement phone. Be it accustomed players like LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC or Samsung, or about newcomers like INQ and Micromax, this is a articulation that is witnessing fresh artefact launches about every added day, with high-profile ad campaigns — of the brand of LG Cookie Pep, the INQ Babble 3G and the Micromax Facebook buzz — to boot.

Building a arrangement

Aircel COO Gurdeep Singh summed up the aspect of amusing networking phones back he declared the afresh launched INQ babble phones as "devices which, are congenital with the internet at the amount for a fresh bearing with a altered attitude to communication. That agency a never-before , affluent and accurate Facebook, Twitter and e-mail experience."

And that is what makes this fresh brand of cellphones altered from the accepted "download a amusing networking app and run it" blazon of handset. Best of these newcomers accept appropriate appearance committed to amusing networks, be it a committed Facebook button as apparent on the Micromax Q5 FB (' FB' continuing for 'Facebook' ), appropriate amusing arrangement widgets on the LG Cookie Pep, a unified messaging and contacts advantage that lets you column to amusing networks as calmly as you accelerate an SMS, and keeps all your contacts (mobile and amusing networks) in one abode as apparent in the INQ Babble 3G, or a homescreen committed to back updates from your amusing networks on the Motorola Backflip.

Samsung prefers to accredit to amusing network-friendly phones as "messaging phones" , but its aim is the aforementioned — to accumulate the user affiliated to amusing networks. "These phones accommodate users admission to assorted networking sites, quick links to these sites through widgets, avowal of fast connectivity and abundant anamnesis amplitude to abundance abstracts and content," explains Ranjit Yadav, director-mobile and IT, Samsung India. "They action users burning chat, messenger, and e-mail appearance and advice them accommodate and administer contacts easily. And to facilitate accessible messaging, they accept the Qwerty feature."

Easy on the abridged

Another appropriate of abounding of these amusing networking phones is their almost low amount tag. Best of them action appearance like touchscreens, Qwerty keypads and cameras after costing the earth. The Micromax Facebook buzz comes for about Rs 4,000, the INQ Babble 3G for as little as Rs 7,300, the LG Cookie Zap for Rs 7,500, while the Corby Plus is aloof a blow over four abstracts — prices that are able-bodied beneath those of best smartphones. And yet these phones are able to authority their own adjoin abundant added able and big-ticket smartphones back it comes to amusing networking. Suddenly, tech specs accept been rendered abundantly extraneous as users attending for options to break affiliated with minimum fuss.

"It is acceptable added bright that what was conceivably already the advantage of those who could allow a top-end smartphone has now started authoritative itself acquainted in the sub Rs 10,000 amount band," animadversion Siddharth Mangharam, CEO of the India arm of Peek, a aggregation that afresh fabricated account for ablution a Twitteronly device. "The bazaar is alone activity to get added aggressive and alone those that can accommodate a analgesic user acquaintance will succeed. And that abstruse booze is not in the hardware, but in the software," he says.

"Downloading an app, be it for amusing networking or for enabling e-mail, leads to a amazing bead in adoption," he explains. "Ease of bureaucracy and use is currently grossly underestimated as the analgesic app for phones and those companies that can action a absolutely chip acquaintance on amusing networking or e-mail will angle the best adventitious of success."

Samsung's Yadav, however, feels that apps are activity to be way ahead. "Consumers appetite added applications that they can download on their phones and customise. So newer versions of amusing networking phones are giving them these applications," he credibility out.

Be it the app way or the chip route, it seems amusing networking phones are actuality to stay.

Social arrangement mobiles

- INQ Babble 3G

- LG Cookie Pep

- Micromax Q5 FB

- Samsung Corby Plus

- Twitter Peek (not a phone, but committed to Twitter)

Connected corpuscle appearance

- Always-on internet admission Push notifications for amusing arrangement updates

- Appearance like contacts and letters chip with amusing networks

- Ability to breeze and upload pictures calmly

- QWERTY keypads — onscreen or absolute — for lots of argument autograph

- Excellent array activity

- Funky looks

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Banish that Frizz!

Does your beard sometimes attending like you aloof ashore your feel into an electrical outlet? Are there canicule your beard appears two anxiety taller than what it was the day before?
Chances are if your beard has alike the aboriginal beachcomber or curl, it'll be affected to frizz. If the beard are messing with your looks, go through this account of Dos and Don'ts:

- DO beating your attic and beard with conditioner instead of shampoo. Accustomed oils will abide in your hair, adequate the frizz.
- DO absterge no added than alert or thrice a anniversary as absterge strips the beard off accustomed oil afterwards anniversary wash.
- DO bathe with the coldest baptize you can stand. The algid baptize locks bottomward the beard cuticle and makes beard attending sleeker, beneath frizzy.
- DO use a big annular besom to bland your beard as you dry. The advantage of aluminum brushes is that the close amount warms with the calefaction of the dryer, accouterment the bifold advantage of calefaction and administration at the aforementioned time.
- DO backpack an awning if you anticipate it ability rain. Wet beard leads to frizz. And abrasion a hat to awning your arch in the sun and the wind.
- DO accept your beard cut regularly. No amount how continued your beard is, breach ends alone add to the problem.
- DO draft dry in a bottomward motion. Running the beard dryer over beard up and bottomward causes the cuticle to coil and split. Divide beard is sections with curler pins and dry one area at a time.
- DO try application a beard aces back your beard is wet, again feel adjust back you beard is dry. If you accept "bed head" in the morning, flow your beard with baptize and feel adjust into place.
- DO accede beard articles that assure adjoin UV application as they accept a Sun Protection Factor.
- DO shop for a battery arch baptize filter. It gives you chlorine-free and acrid mineral-free baptize that helps accomplish the articles you use added effective.
- DO booze a lot of water. The bloom of your beard additionally comes from within.

- DON'T overuse draft dryers, collapsed band and crimper irons. The added calefaction you use to appearance your hair, the added you are dehydration your strands out. If you charge use one, set it at a lower temperature than you usually use... and use a thermal protectant on your beard afore you begin.
- DON'T rub your beard with a anhydrate back wet. Let your beard set in the anhydrate for 10 account instead, again booty the anhydrate off. Use a duke anhydrate to clasp the beard up from the ends to the roots.
- DON'T blow your beard while it's drying.
- DON'T use accomplished tooth combs and brushes.
- DON'T use administration articles with aerial booze agreeable or shampoos with sulfates.
- DON'T let your hairstylist use a razor to band your hair. Although layering is good, razors accord to breach ends.
The best important DO is to adulation your hair. Many are anxious of the august affection of coiled and bouncing hair!

Save on Plumbong Repairs!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazing Striped Icebergs!

Icebergs in Basin Michigan sometimes accept stripes, formed by layers of snow that acknowledge to altered conditions. Blue stripes are generally created back a abyss in the ice area fills up with cook baptize and freezes so bound that no bubbles form.

When an abstract avalanche into the basin , a band of baptize can benumb to the underside. If this is affluent in algae, it can anatomy a blooming stripe. Brown, atramentous and chicken curve are acquired by sediment, best up when the ice area grinds decline appear the lake.

Frozen Beachcomber Pixs - Nature is amazing!

The baptize froze the burning the beachcomber bankrupt through the ice. That's what it is like in Basin Michigan area it is the coldest acclimate in decades. Baptize freezes the burning it comes in acquaintance with the air. The temperature of the water is already some degrees beneath freezing.

Just attending at how the beachcomber froze in mid-air!!! Having the Internet agency that we get to see article that we never imagined!

Franco, Hathaway to host Oscars!

James Franco and Anne Hathaway will be co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards, according to the organisers. As per producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer, the "fresh, agitative and multi-talented" brace "personify the abutting address of Hollywood icons", belletrist the BBC .

Hathaway was nominated for an Oscar in 2008 for 'Rachel Getting Married', while Franco is best accustomed for his Harry Osborn role in the Spider-Man films. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin co-hosted this year's awards in March. Cohen and Mischer said they hoped the Oscar advertisement would ascribe Franco and Hathaway to "showcase their cool talents and blot the world".

"We are actually captivated that James and Anne will be abutting ammunition with our afire aesthetic accession to do above that," they said. Hathaway, whose films board 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Becoming Jane' and 'The Devil Wears Prada', has appeared on four anterior Oscar telecasts.

In 2009, the 28-year-old was memorably plucked from the admirers by afresh host Hugh Jackman to achieve a acceptable applesauce based on the becloud Frost/Nixon. Franco, whose added films board 'Milk', 'Pineapple Express' and 'Eat, Pray, Love', will be accurate his added accomplishment on an Oscar show.

The 32-year-old has been angled for a best abecedarian best abutting year for his role as a trapped basement climber in Danny Boyle's beginning becloud '127 Hours'. The Academy Awards will be captivated on 27 February at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Before that, Hathaway will co-host this year's Nobel accordance award-winning concert in Norway on 11 December with abecedarian Denzel Washington.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Tips to Woo your Prince!

Prince William finally popped the question to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. He gave her his mother, Lady Di’s ring; now that shows how special Kate is. Did you just go ‘Sigh! If only I had my own Prince Charming too...'? Well, here are sure shot ways to reel him in!

Dress like a Princess

Want to snag a prince? Be a princess. You don’t have to be born royal for it. Just dress like one. Get those laces and velvets out! Skirts and dresses teamed with stockings is definitely the way to go! Add charm bracelets and pendants to your outfits. Keep your make-up dewy fresh and watch him swoon over you!

Be mysterious

Take a cue from Cinderella’s book. Keep him guessing and he’ll come to find you! Mystery is the key. Don’t let out everything about you. Let him discover something new about you every time you are on a date. Simply put, men love the chase and they don't mind waiting for what they really want!

Damsel in distress

Men like to pamper women they are out with. Let him open doors, hail a cab, or pick you up from work when you’re having a tough day. But strike a balance by not being dependent on him for every little thing. They appreciate a lady capable of taking care of yourself too.

Treat him like a King!

Let him in on your inner thoughts. Make him part of your important decisions and make him feel special. Ask him for his opinion and listen to it intently. It will definitely pull him closer to you and will gain you his respect too.

Cook him his favourite meal. Get a bottle of wine, dessert and make a romantic dinner of it with candles. Let the ambience do the talking.

Set a royal date

Go out dancing. No, not to a night club; but to a ball. There’s nothing like some good ol’ waltz to get closer to your date, right? Brush up on your polo and go watch the game with him. Again, use step one to grab his attention.

With these simple steps, watch your prince charming walk right into your arms!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 New Parts of Harry Potter Movie!

Finally, there was made a decision to produce 2 parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be directed by David Yates. The announcement was made by Jeff Robinov, President of Warner Bros.

Why I have stressed the fact that David Yates will be director? Because it will be the first time any one director will helm more than 2 versions of Harry Potter movies.

What is more, Robinov added that for a long time they were faithful to J.K. Rowling and her books, they tried their best in order to avoid plot misunderstandings and mistakes, but this time they decided to split The Deathly Hallows, because they are rich in events, so it will be much better to create 2 separate movies.

Now it is time to talk about terms, the 1st part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released in 2010, and the 2nd one will join us in summer 2011. Both parts will be distributed by Warner Bros.

Now, the only one question that still puzzles me, where to make this break? Will they break it with a moment of suspense or one of resolution?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video games sales slip 4 percent in October!

The current slump in video games sales extended to a seventh month in a row as retail sales of games, hardware, and accessories slipped 4 percent in October.

Overall game sales totaled $1.07 billion last month, down from $1.11 billion for last October, according to data released today by market researcher NPD Group. Hardware sales showed the greatest decline, falling 26 percent to $280 million for the month compared to the month prior. Console and portable hardware sales were down about 30 percent compared with last year, NPD said. "The best-selling hardware system for the month was the Nintendo DS, while the Xbox 360 was the only platform to realize unit sales improvement over last October," NPD analyst Anita

Frazier said in a statement announcing the sales results. "Versus last month, the Nintendo DS and the Wii were the two systems to increase unit sales on an average-sales-per-week basis. Looking forward to November and December, these Nintendo systems are likely to benefit from holiday promotions and gift-giving." Retail software sales were up 6 percent to $605 million, led by Take-Two's NBA 2K11, Bethesda Softworks' Fallout: New Vegas, and Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor.

The big percentage winner in the industry was sales of game accessories, which jumped 18 percent to $142 million. Sales were buoyed by the PlayStation Move controller, which helped increase the average selling price of specialty controllers by $31 to $51 in October. "Due to the success of the Move at retail, and the reported success of the Kinect early in its launch at retail, specialty controller items should contribute significantly to industry sales during the holiday," Frazier said.

NPD cautioned that the report reflects only new physical retail sales. "While down, there are revenues being generated from digital distribution, used game sales, rentals, social-network games, and mobile applications to name a few," Frazier said.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashish Kumar Wins 1st Asia Gymnastic medal for India!

Gymnast Ashish Kumar on Tuesday opened a fresh affiliate for India in the little followed action by absolute the country's aboriginal anytime medal, a bronze, in the Asian Games back he stood third in the men's attic exercise routine.

Kumar, who came to civic accent in aftermost month's Commonwealth Games by acceptable a basement argent and brownish in floor, tallied 14.92 credibility to booty the brownish in a bitterly fought challenge in which China's Zhang Chenglong and Korea's Kim Soo Myun angry for the gold with identical 15.40 points.

"I am actual blessed because it is the aboriginal gymnastics badge in the history of Indian gymnastics (at the Asian Games)," said the Allahabad-based gymnast, whose achievement is alike added admirable because that the team's adopted drillmaster Vladimir Chertkov bare the band afore the admission of the Games and alternate to India.

Kumar said he did not accept the time to conveyance for the boxy accident in which apple chic antagonism was in affirmation with China, Korea and Japan in fray.

"It was actual boxy for me because I did not accept abundant conveyance for the Asian Games. We accept aloof had the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. And it is actual boxy with China and Korea (in fray)," said Kumar who began to booty allotment in gymnastics in 1994.

"I started in 1994 back I was four years old. Now I am 19. It's a abundant experience. I won argent (on vault) and brownish (in floor) at the Commonwealth Games and now I accept addition brownish at the Asian Games," he said.

Team's civic drillmaster Ashok Mishra, who is with Kumar back January 2009 in a assumption of camps to adapt the gymnasts for this year's CWG, said that the antagonism was actual abutting and the aerialist did not feel the absence of Chertkov, who was afflicted at not actuality accustomed permission to booty allotment in the aperture commemoration in non-ceremonial dress.

Among those who were pushed out of the badge bracket in the attic accoutrement were China's Feng Zhe who accomplished with 14.90 points, Hishashi Mizutori of Japan (14.82), Yoo Won Chul (Korea, 14.27), who got a amends of 0.3, Uzbek Masharipov Otabek (14.00) and Ryotaka Deguchi (Japan, 13.42).

Gold badge champ Zhong Chenglong is the apple accumbent bar best while the man who angry for the cardinal one spot, Korean Kim Soo Myun, was the affiliate of the 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze-winning aggregation in attic event.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Local foods VS Imported foods!


The Quality:

If you acquirement bounded foods from abutting to the assembly area it is added beneficial. “It all depends on the time amid agriculture and consumption,” says nutritionist Gurmeet Gambair.

“If you accept to accept from Indian apples and adopted ones, accept the Indian apples back in season, because they are acceptable to accept spent beneath time in carriage and algid storage,” says Nutritionist Sushila Sharangdhar.


Compared to their alien counterparts, bounded varieties accept a lower accessible time back they are not produced by methods as acceptable as the ones abroad. Naturally, they charge to be captivated sooner.


“In India, there are no set standards for acceptance of chemicals and preservatives in foods, and appropriately these are acclimated in abounding amounts, sometimes alike over the safe absolute or of poor quality,” says Gurmeet. Hence, you never apperceive how safe they are.


Local foods, if captivated afterpiece to purchase, are healthier. Consumers charge acquirement the foods from bounded food about the assembly place.


The Quality:

Imported foods accept a continued gap amid autumn and consumption. Also, during transport, they are apparent to the air which reduces their affection further. “The greater the exposure, the bottom the nutrition,” adds Gurmeet. “However, instead of cat-and-mouse to eat healthy, you could accept adopted foods back assertive foods are off division in the Indian market,” says Sushila.


Imported foods accept a best activity than bounded ones back they are produced better. They can be captivated over a best time as against to best foods of bounded variety.


Imported foods accept preservatives according to a assertive set and accustomed accepted and are safer than their Indian counterparts. Acceptance of chemicals doesn’t go overboard,” says Gurmeet.

“In adopted countries, the agronomics and busline of the aftermath has to go through acrimonious standards. That is why we see added of adopted aftermath in India than Indian aftermath abroad,” adds Sushila.


Imported foods may sometimes be accessible for burning afterwards a year of harvest. Appropriately they lose a lot of their comestible amount acceptable beneath advantageous than bounded ones.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bridal Make-up Tips!

Being a appealing helpmate is no accessible task, abnormally if you abatement casualty to adorableness bloopers. Composition able Kapil Bhalla acquaint you how to get that composition appropriate and attending admirable after any hiccups on your D-day.

Starting with the base:

Keep the foundation minimal, apperception aloof beneath the eyes to attending beginning and radiant.

Powder the face able-bodied with apart crumb to set the foundation.

It is a allegory to administer foundation all over the face. It aloof adds a bombastic band of makeup.

Apply foundation alone on assertive areas with accomplished lines, like beneath and alien corners of the eye, corners of the aperture and maybe on the forehead.

For the eyes:

Extended eyeliners and kohl pencils attending abundant on the commemoration days. Accumulate the eyes bright in bendable blinking powders in gold’s and bendable pink.

Make abiding to use baptize affidavit mascara to abstain any glitches.

Avoid application cream-based eye caliginosity in aphetic colors. It will accomplish the architecture attending too heavy.

Most bodies accept that they can use lipstick to apply the eyelids. Avoid!

For a beginning and apple-pie look, abstain lining the lower lid with kohl or liner.

For the lips:

Use bendable pastels like peach, apricot or pinks for the lips.

Break abroad from the accepted abysmal reds and maroons that accomplish you attending years earlier than you are.

Wear alteration attrition lipstick so that it stays for a best time and does not abrasion off.

For the cheeks:

Keep cheeks cautiously blushed in a average blush shimmery blusher.

Remember that you charge to attending admirable in absolute activity and not in reel life. Don't get bamboozled by architecture artists who affirmation to do architecture with photography in apperception and block you up.

Matching your architecture with your clothes is passé. Stick to tones in architecture that clothing you contrarily as well.

The key is to accumulate it simple.

For the hair:

Don't accomplish hairstyles that accomplish you attending earlier unless you appetite to attending from the 60s!

Softly done put-ups with textured beard attending abundant beneath dupattas.

Avoid too abundant aback combing and stick to simple average beggared hair, adorned with beginning flowers at the aback or on one side.

India Win First Medal in Asian Games!

India opened its Asian Games badge annual expectedly through cutting with the leash of Olympic best Abhinav Bindra, Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput absolute the argent in the 10m air burglarize aggregation event, on Saturday.

Narang, Bindra and Rajput accumulated for a account of 1783, a point afloat of gold badge acceptable Chinese aggregation absolute Jikang Yu, Qinan Zhu and Yifei Cao.

Korea acclimatized for the brownish in this event. While Narang attempt a account 597, Bindra and Rajput managed identical tallies of 593.

However, disappointment was in abundance for India in added contest as the women's 10m air burglarize aggregation accomplished seventh and men's 50m pistol aggregation could administer alone a fifth abode finish.

In the alone events, Commonwealth Games gold champ Omkar Singh was the alone amid three Indians men's shooters to authorize for the final of 50m pistol accident but eventually accomplished seventh.

The gold in this accident went to hosts China while the argent was claimed by Iran. Uzbekistan acclimatized for brownish at the Aoti cutting range.

The Chinese leash of Yi Siling, Wu Liuxi and Yu Dan totalled 1,194 points. The Iranian aggregation managed a absolute of 1192, while Uzbekistan accomplished a abroad third with 1182 points.

In the 50m pistol aggregation accident Omkar Singh, Amanpreet Singh and Deepak Sharma accomplished fifth with a absolute of 1646 points. South Korea bagged the gold badge in this accident advanced of China, while Japan took the bronze.

The Korean aggregation of Jin Jong-Oh, Lee Sang-Do and Lee Dae-Myung pulled off an all-embracing account of 1,679 credibility to exhausted the home leash of Pang Wei, Pu Qifeng and Wu Jing, who managed 1,671 points. Japan accomplished with 1,667 points.

In the 10m air burglarize women's alone event, adept markswoman Suma attempt a point more good than her achievement in aftermost month's Delhi Commonwealth Games but still bootless to authorize for the finals.

World almanac holder Suma attempt 596 that included 33 absolute tens, with sequences of 98, 99, 100 and 99 and was belted out of the accomplishment ranks. She had attempt 595 while acceptable the Aggregation brownish with Kavita in the CWG.

Kavita told PTI that this was alone her third accident afterwards she fabricated her admission in the Apple Championships.

"This is alone my third accident afterwards the apple championship. I am improving," said the Bangalore-based Kavita who took to the action four years ago.

Asked about Tejeswini's poor appearance in an accident that's not per favourite one, Kavita Said "it happens, it's aloof a game".

Omkar Singh, who won the 50m pistol alone gold in CWG, entered the final by finishing fifth in the qualifiers with 557 points. He after concluded seventh in the final with a account of 648.2.

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