Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lenticular clouds!

Ever wonder the truth about UFOs? Avoided by traditional pilots but loved by sailplane aviators, lenticular clouds are masses of cloud with strong internal uplift that can drive a motorless flyer to high elevations. Their shape is quite often mistaken for a mysterious flying object or the artificial cover for one.Generally, lenticular clouds are formed as wind speeds up while moving around a large land object such as a mountain.

Unbelievable Sinkholes!

These are nothing but Sinkholes, it is one of the world's scariest natural phenomena. Over time, water erodes the soil under the planet's surface until in some cases, quite suddenly, the land above gives way and collapses into the earth. Many sinkholes occur naturally while others are the result of human intervention. Displacing groundwater can open cavities while broken pipes can erode otherwise stable subterranean sediments. Urban sinkholes, up to hundreds of feet deep have formed and consumed parts of city blocks, sidewalks and even entire buildings.

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Friday, June 25, 2010

More Samsung Vibrant photos surface

We all know that the Samsung Vibrant is also known as the Galaxy S, and here are a couple more photos of the upcoming handset alongside some apps which will come pre-loaded with the smartphone, including Kindle, Mobile TV, Slacker Radio as well as entertainment titles (read: games) like Avatar as well as Sims. The latter will most probably suck up more time than the former. Apart from that, you will also find the GoGo Wi-Fi app to be included, with word that the Samsung Vibrant will be come with half a year's worth of free Wi-Fi service. Expect T-Mobile to make an official announcement on the device in the coming few days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey women! Be a girl

This summer, it’s accept to be hot... that’s the bulletin adolescent designers Karishma Swali and Monica Shah of Jade, the appearance bazaar on Peddar Road and in Khar, are giving women. By afterward their ultra feminine Spring/Summer 2010 collection, women can become girls all over again, because the band has a attenuate child-like affection in it.

“We’ve acclimated cottons and silks which makes for the absolute spring-summer wear,” says Monica. An avant-garde band of accoutrements interestingly aggressive by the agitable terrains of Ischia abreast Italy, act as absolute accessories.

“We were afflicted by Ischia’s accustomed adorableness and lava-hot terrain,” adds Karishma, “every woman charge analysis out our admirable close pieces with mother-of-pearl and bendable metal chains. We accept a ‘made-to-order’ alternation this season, as well. And the pièce de résistance of the accumulating is the ‘Fuchsia Ischia’ PVC origami bag.”

They accept bond accoutrements for the woman on the run, and polka dotted ones for those who appetite to accept fun. The cautiously checky and smocked accoutrements are for... you decide!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator abstraction detailed

The Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator abstraction has aloof gotten fleshed out in greater detail, area it will await on a biopolymer gel that is bright as well, befitting its capacity aural nice and cool. There is a non-sticky gel that surrounds the aliment account whenever it is stored aural the biopolymer gel, absolution you actualize abstracted pods - no abstraction on aloof how abundant amplitude is accustomed amid aliment items, back this does not attending like the apotheosis of amplitude efficiency. At atomic there are no aerial doors or drawers for you to anguish about, and beneath affective genitalia equals to lower affairs of it breaking apart. All aliment items are alone cooled at their optimal temperature address of its bogus intelligence. We're cerebration article like this will apparently cycle out in say, 2020?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mum's kiss can protect newborns form infections

Mum’s kiss could accordance bairn babies connected advocacy abut abscessed throats and ear infections, activate a world-first absorption in New Zealand.

The University of Otago absorption aims to activate if newborns can receive, and establish, adequate bacilli that acquire been conflicting to their mother's mouths.

Pregnant women will blemish a probiotic bolus ceremony day of the aftermost ages of their affluence to colonise their mouths with the bacilli associated with preventing abscessed throats and ear infections.

"There has been no absorption like this before," the New Zealand Herald quoted John Tagg as saying. Women would be arrested to see if they artlessly agitated streptococcus salivarius K12, which occurs artlessly in 5 per cent of the population.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deadly beam floods bang France

SlowMediumFastView aboriginal imageFifteen bodies died in southern France and several added were missing afterwards torrential rains triggered beam floods. Rescuers accolade brief to advice hundreds of bodies trapped in their vehicles, houses or on rooftops, in the Draguignan breadth abreast the Mediterranean coast, while helicopters were beatific in to airlift association to safety. Around 1,850 firefighters, soldiers and badge admiral and 11 helicopters accept been mobilised, admiral said, abacus that 1,500 calls for advice had been received.

Damaged cars in the south eastern burghal of Draguignan, in the after-effects of calamity in this area. At atomic fifteen bodies accept been dead by beam floods in Draguignan and in the adjoining burghal of Luc, acquired by abundant rains.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pill Shaped USB Beam Drive

Rollin Rockers's fresh bound copy LP will appear in a absolutely anarchistic anatomy agency - we're talking about the Pill Shaped USB beam drive here, area it is activity for $15 a pop. Apart from all the songs that you will get on a approved LP, the added amplitude accessible on the USB beam drive is not gone to decay back it appearance music videos, photos as able-bodied as absolute Rollin Rockers agreeable to accumulate best admirers happy. We do admiration whether accustomed this at aegis checkpoints will agitate added suspicion than advised admitting because the attributes of its appearance as able-bodied as implications.

Camcorder Allows You To Shoot 3D Videos And Playback In 3D Too

After watching James Cameron's Avatar, are you planning to shoot all your approaching home videos in 3D? The association over at Hammacher Schlemmer accept started affairs a 3D camcorder that is able of recording 3D video at 640 x 480 pixel resolutions. While that's a nice feat, the absorbing allotment is that users will be able to alike see the consistent 3D agreeable anon on the device's screen, after accepting to abrasion any of those animal 3D glasses, acceptation its affectation functions absolutely analogously to that of Nintendo's afresh appear 3DS. When acclimated with a 4GB SD card, this $600 camcorder uses its two lenses and 3-megapixel sensor to almanac up to four hours of 3D video. You're able to abduction 2D and 3D still images, as able-bodied as 2D videos as well. Pretty absorbing for such a bunched device, admitting you'll accept to adjudge if you're accommodating to angle out $600 for it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Horizon MiniPak now on sale

Horizon's MiniPak is assuredly on auction for a Benjamin, authoritative it the aboriginal personal, carriageable ammunition corpuscle in the bazaar for association who are active Stateside. Basically, this is added or beneath a mini ability bulb that juices up your gizmos, area anniversary armament is accustomed to authority abundant allegation that is according to a thousand AA batteries. Basically, it allows you to amplitude your $100, back AA batteries amount a accomplished lot added than that. Anniversary acquirement will address with a bulk of connectors that will assignment with abounding accepted devices, and actuality able to fit on the approach of your hand, you can blow accessible packing this into your baggage back you go traveling.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Altek Leo smartphone resembles a agenda camera

The Altek Leo smartphone is no accustomed smartphone, as it offers a 14-megapixel ballista that far outshines whatever is offered on the bazaar at the moment. Running on Android 2.1, there is chat of a FroYo amend advancing soon, so you will aloof accept to delay for it at the moment. Other actualization of the Altek Leo accommodate 3x optical zoom, a Xenon beam and committed zoom controls amid others. Unfortunately, it is actuality able for an Asia alone barrage at point of publishing, but that doesn't beggarly we won't abide to achievement for a FCC actualization one of these days. If you're still determined in bringing the Altek Leo home, again you can consistently acceptation it from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan from Q4 advanced for about $499 a pop.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Asia Cup: India attending to balance acceptable touch

MS Dhoni's India accept a adventitious to alpha with a win back they booty on Bangladesh in their aboriginal Asia Cup bout on Wednesday. With a access of contempo characterless performances abaft them, the aggregation will be acquisitive to about-face the course and get their act calm advanced of some key contests that follow.

This is a abrupt clash and India accept aloof three matches to accomplish a mark. Bangladesh action the absolute befalling to cleft up a victory, but Dhoni's men cannot allow to belittle the Bangladeshis. India will accept to get bottomward to austere business from the chat go.

Seven associates of India's arena XI accept abutting the aggregation beeline from the alternation in Zimbabwe, and charge absolutely be fatigued. Those adequate from the Zimbabwe layover are acceptable to be rusty. Also, India accept consistently struggled to acclimatize to altitude in Lanka. The adolescent associates of the squad, like Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Pragyan Ojha, Ravindra Jadeja, Ashok Dinda and R Ashwin charge cope with such pressures.

Playing the bold is alone a allotment of the job profile: arresting with accent and assuming behindhand of blow or arena altitude is what sets acclimatized professionals apart. The boys in blue, fatigued as they may be, should seek afflatus in the arresting vistas, the abundant mountains and agreeable lakes of Dambulla. For, as skipper Dhoni says, "You are consistently beneath burden back you're arena for India."

The Indians, as a unit, will be missing the calm attendance of Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh. This may heighten the burden on the top, distinctively Dhoni and agent Sehwag.

Genos CYCLOPS accepted controller

Genos has alien the CYCLOPS accepted ambassador that is accustomed to be the best ergonomically actual ambassador on the market. Meant to fit altogether amid a brace of hands, the CYCLOPS was originally advised to be the keyboard for the GenosTV Cable box, but it concluded up as a accepted alien ascendancy for TVs and customer cyberbanking accessories instead. There is chat of a video bold console-compatible adaptation advancing our way, so gamers ability appetite to backing some money abreast in their accouterments account if they're interested. The CYCLOPS can additionally angle up to best cellphones via Bluetooth if that's your cup of tea. While the CYCLOPS has the abeyant to be the wireless keyboard of the future, alone time will acquaint whether it will accomplish such a apocalypse or not.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Square-shaped Nokia X5 Goes Live In Singapore

Cell phone manufacturers recently seem to have a thing for square-shaped cell phones, as evidenced by the Motorola FLIPOUT and Mirosoft's KIN One. Nokia isn't one to be left out, as it has just launched its X5 in Singapore, a square-shaped slider phone. We're aware that Nokia already has an X5 over in China, but this one is obviously different. Detailed specifications weren't mentioned, but we do know that it'll be powered by Symbian S60 and sport a 5-megapixel camera, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube integration. Do you think that square-shaped mobile phones will be an upcoming trend in the mobile phone scene?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Icon Array Backpack For iPhone

How's this for an alien array backpack for your iPhone 3G/3GS? The Figure Array Backpack for iPhone looks aloof like the iPhone's array icon, and alike shows its arresting "battery power", acceptance you to apperceive how abundant added abstract that it can accommodate your iPhone. This accessory is declared to be able to abstract your iPhone up for an added 3-hours account of allocution time, or audio playback of 18-hours. Would you shop for a array backpack that looked like this?

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Gets The ColorWare Treatment

Think that your agleam fresh BlackBerry Bold 9650 is alpha to attending aloof like everybody else's out there? While you can't add any fresh appearance to the corpuscle phone, the association over at ColorWare can advice you adapt its colors to accomplish it angle out, and hopefully you won't aces the aforementioned blush arrangement as everybody abroad out there. You'll additionally charge to lighten your wallet by a acceptable $150 for this.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

AT&T aegis aperture exposes abstracts of 114,000+ users

Gawker has appear a news about a aperture that exposes 114k iPad 3G users and say that there could be added than that. Among those who accept been articular with their email addresses, we can acquisition aerial contour names like Diane Sawyer, Harvey Weinstein or Michael Bloomberg. The blazon of abstracts leaked included email addresses and a accouterments different identifier (ICCID). Although Gawker says that ultimate albatross lies with Apple, it looks like an AT&T aegis weakness was exploited in this case. This is additionally cryptic how this aperture would affect sales, but I doubtable that aloof like the Facebook aloofness issues, this won't absolutely affect sales in a affecting way - if at all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aliph Solo Bluetooth Headset

Here's a rather absorbing corpuscle buzz + Bluetooth angle abstraction architecture - the Aliph Solo Bluetooth Headset. Back not in use, it's kept calmly central the corpuscle phone, back the alarm comes in, aloof columnist it bottomward and it'll extend upwards, acceptance you to use the corpuscle buzz in a adequate position. If you aback acquisition that you allegation both your hands, you can consistently abolish the angle from the corpuscle phone, accepting it action like a glassy Bluetooth headset. Thanks to the design, charging is additionally fabricated easier as you'll be able to allegation both accessories at the aforementioned time application aloof one charger. Pretty cool.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple retakes the lead

With today's announcement, Apple has taken the advance aback in a big way. Did Apple anytime lose the advance will you ask? It depends. First, Blackberry is still a huge player, although they absolutely don't attending like they are "the future". Android is (or was) accepting a lot of mindshare and drive - which culminated at the Google IO smartphone keynote (a must-see). It is additionally ablaze that Apple was starting to get abaft in agreement of affectation resolution, and alike array activity - two things that every distinct user affliction about.

Today, Apple is arresting aback with a vengeance. The array seems huge, and if it holds as able-bodied as Steve Jobs says it will, we're actual impressed. Note that Steve Jobs did not use any business gimmick back the said that the iPad can comedy video for 10hrs. It can. Secondly, the affectation advance is massive. Of course, Android phones had high-res displays for added than 6 months now, so that's about time. If Apple's IPS affectation manages to do OK in ablaze conditions, they will bang a big win (the 3GS affectation does adequately well).

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rat fur - The latest fashion accessory

Mink, fox and aerial fur accept generally been a allotment of a archetypal access ensemble, but the most recent accession to the account of furs comes from an absurd antecedent - rat.The anchorage baptize rat, additionally accepted as nutria, is 60 cm continued and weighs about 9 kg. Its fur has appeared on a cardinal of autumn/winter 2010 catwalks. Alabama-based artisan Billy Reid acclimated nutria fur for collars, hats and an black cape.
Fashion abode J Mendel showed it patchworked with added adored pelts on coats and gilets. And Oscar de la Renta deployed it as a blubbery trim on the hem of awe-inspiring jewel-toned coats. "The ladies of Park Avenue will be boss admiring indeed," Style.com wrote.Last autumn New Orleans-based artisan Cree McCree apparent a appearance action for ethically sourced nutria fur.
"I appetite to appearance the arresting means that nutria can be acclimated and highlight how basic it is to assure our wetlands," the Guardian quoted her, as saying.She has awash nutria teeth earrings for 30dollars and necklaces for 60-75dollars.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

EVO 4G Review

The Sprint EVO 4G makes history by actuality the aboriginal 4G Smartphone accessible in the U.S and it is arguably actual adorable for abounding reasons. Its architecture is great, it has a aciculate high-resolution LCD display, a able processor, and an uber-fast internet affiliation that can be aggregate with added devices. What's not to like? Well, maybe the weight or the actuality that you accept to pay an added to account from 4G, and additionally pay addition exceptional to actualize WiFi hotspots. This is a catechism of antithesis and compromise, so let me acquaint you how the HTC EVO 4G formed for me over the accomplished brace of weeks. Ready?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Motorola FLIPOUT Goes Official

You've apparent the antecedent pictures of the Motorola FLIPOUT afore this, and if you're bent to get a corpuscle buzz that has a altered anatomy agency from everybody else, this is a buzz you'd appetite to analysis out. The accessory has been clearly appear by Motorola today, and a promotional video (available afterwards the jump) has additionally been put up. Specifications of this accessory are appealing accepted nowadays, so it'll abide to be apparent how able-bodied association booty to the MOTOBLUR user interface enhancements by Motorola. The accessory will be accessible in Europe ancient this quarter, admitting capacity on a US absolution weren't mentioned.

iPod Shuffle a decade from now

Do you anticipate that Apple will abide with its iPod Shuffle band for addition 10 years? Well, the being abaft this abstraction absolutely thinks so, and has appear up with what is dubbed the iPod Shuffle 2020. Basically, it is accustomed to action absolute music and array accommodation - article that will acutely accept a few of us abrading our heads. Absolute music? Sounds great, but aloof what does that mean? Well, the user’s music in one's iTunes annual will be beatific via G3 Internet to the close receptor of the Shuffle, area the affected accessory will be adapted automatically anniversary time it is angry on. Apart from that, the array will additionally acknowledge to the G3 after-effects automatically to abide juiced. It does assume like the abstraction agenda audio amateur to have, but technology still has a continued way to go afore it catches up.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Attrito poles absolutely acquaint the time

What you see actuality is not some array of antique from the future, area it is accepted as Attrito - Italian for "friction". Designed by Shane Roepe, these action as time confined area anniversary of them will sit alongside to the other, area both will analyze to you that moment in time you attending aloft them. Anniversary bar will authority hours and minutes, area the closing is listed in increments of 5, and will be laser categorical into the asylum address of an LED backlight. Whenever the asylum slides over the light, it will after affectation the time in a absolute manner. Both confined are balanced at noon, and it comes in a admirable adumbration of blue. This is absolutely Tokyoflash actual for the home, that's for sure.

Tunewear introduces Waterwear, brings your iPad swimming

TuneWear of Japan has apparent its most recent waterproof case for the iPad, basically acceptance you to be allotment of the statistics alike back you're demography a battery or active befitting yourself active at the bore while browsing through recipes on the iPad. This cellophane case will not bedridden your iPad's touchscreen display, back its abiding artificial apartment ensures aggregate central charcoal nice and dry. An adjustable band is additionally included to accomplish abiding your can brandish it from your battery nozzle, absolution you accumulate up with the account while you're giving yourself a nice abrade down. How abundant for the Waterwear iPad? $38, and we say this is absolutely meant for iPad addicts only.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sanyo Announces Its Xacti DMX-CA100 Underwater HD Camcorder

Looking for a agenda camcorder to almanac all your underwater adventures? Sanyo has appear its most recent accession to its Xacti band of agenda camcorders, the DMX-CA100. This fresh camcorder is waterproof up to 10 anxiety for up to 1-hour and can almanac 1080p videos in H.264 format. There are two sets of controls, anniversary committed to capturing photos or recording videos, so you won't accept to anguish about averseness about with the amiss buttons. While there isn't any centralized memory, you'll be able to abundance your videos via the SDXC anamnesis agenda slot. While appraisement hasn't been announced, we do apperceive that it'll be accessible from the end of June, and a few added appearance of this underwater camcorder, which includes the adeptness to abduction 14-megapixel still shots, 6x optical zoom, 6x Advanced Zoom, High-Speed Sequential Shooting that captures 22 photos at 7FPS and blush options of black, chicken or pink.

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