Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Power of Prayer

'When you appetite something, all the cosmos conspires in allowance you get/ accomplish it.' We've heard abounding versions of it in Hindi movies. The accepted versions accept been that of Geet from Jab We Met and Shah Rukh Khan from Om Shanti Om face "Kehte hain ki agar kisi chiz ko shiddad se chaho to puri kaynath usko tumse milane ki koshish capital lag jaati hai." This means, if you ambition for article from your heart, the cosmos will cabal to get it to you.

There's a accumulation in Mumbai burghal that believes in aloof that; they accept in the ability of prayer. Connect-ticket is a accumulation that meets already every two months to adjure for others. Yes, you heard that right. Sounds strange? I don't anticipate so. Thanks to my grandmom, I accept been a airy being all my life. So I do accept in a ability and that praying or accepting a chat with it helps.

The Adoration Group

A Connect-Ticket affair in progress

But praying for addition else, a stranger, was an alien abstraction to me and I had no clue as to how it was done. So back my academy professor, R Sridhar told me about Connect-Ticket, I broiled up to the abstraction and absitively to go for a meet. Last Sunday as I accomplished the home of one of the accumulation associates (most Connect-ticket meets are captivated at homes of accumulation members), I acquainted a faculty of calm booty over.

Once we were done with the introductions, we started with chanting Om thrice and began artistic visualisation.

Creative Visualisation

It's the action of visualising the change you seek from the prayer. So if you are praying for a adolescent with a cold, brainstorm him breath easy, chargeless of congestions, bubbler a cup of soup maybe and eventually, out arena with his friends. That day, we did the exercise for a woman who was adversity from an affronted intestine. I do not apperceive if the energies formed in her favour, but I absolutely apperceive that I acquainted some activity drained out of me in the process. It acquainted wonderful.

Here's article to try out: The abutting time you go to the temple, church, abbey or a abode of adoration you accept in, adjure for the being abutting to you; adjure that whatever he/she is allurement for is accepted and that things assignment in their favour. Leave us a animadversion and let us apperceive how that felt.

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