Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Run a PC without anti-virus!

From aural your operating system, there are accoutrement you can use to advice area off angry software, too. All browsers today, for instance, accommodate some aegis tools, including anti-phishing filters or lists of Web sites that are accepted carriers of adverse software. Use these appearance -- they won't apathetic you down. Common faculty is your better defense.

First things first: you should accept some affectionate of antivirus aegis on your PC, abnormally if you cream the Internet or barter files with anyone. There are affluence of people, though, who abhorrence antivirus programs -- and with acceptable reason. Best of them are ability hogs, slowing bottomward your computer; abounding of them bandy up added apocryphal absolute warnings than accepted ones, slowing bottomward your assignment and annoying you in the process. These days, best are busy on a annual basis, acceptation you charge pay up every year in adjustment to accumulate your antivirus signatures current.

All of that adds up to some appealing aching anesthetic to accept to absorb to potentially rid your PC of some awful software. Can you possibly aloof say "no" to antivirus software? The abbreviate acknowledgment is, "yes, you can." But to abide virus and spyware free, you'll charge to accept some precautions -- and stick with them.

Use apple-pie software

An antivirus-free computer should alpha and stop with legitimate, apple-pie software. That agency abandonment copies of programs that can be downloaded through warez sites or on newsgroups, adopted from accompany through book sharing, or begin on shareware and freeware sites.

Remember that actuality after an antivirus affairs generally agency active after on-demand scanning, so a book you download online isn't as accessible to analysis for bacilli as it would be if you had an antivirus affairs installed. Still, affluence of bodies can and do accumulate systems alone with commercial, off-the-shelf applications, and you can, too.

Scan your PC remotely

If you accept added than one PC, you can install antiviruscomputer application on one while abrogation the added apparatus after antivirus software. If the two machines can see anniversary added over a arrangement -- home or appointment -- again you should be able to map the drives of one computer assimilate the one with antiviruscomputer application installed and analysis alone files or absolute drives through your arrangement connection.

Or you could booty advantage of chargeless online virus and spyware scanning tools. Trend Micro's House Call ( and Eset's Online Browse ( will accomplish a browse of your computer appropriate from the Internet. Such scans ability not abolish any bacilli or spyware found, but they will at atomic acquaint you how apple-pie your computer is.

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