Monday, May 31, 2010

Smart Fridge hopes to accumulate you healthy

They say that bloom is wealth, and we couldn't accede more. Before you see how "rich" you are, why not accessible the doors to your fridge and see aloof how abounding advantageous actuality are in there compared to aliment items that your bounded doctor would shy abroad from? There is a acumen why technology is about - to advice us advance a more good life, of course. This Acute Fridge abstraction is acute abundant to appear up with the healthiest recipes accessible based on the aliment you accept within, allegorical you through affable instructions vocally actuality a nice touch. Gotta adulation the blow interface aperture as able-bodied that will add a birr of glam to your kitchen. Too bad we aren't active in a Star Trek era aloof yet, so alike the smartest fridge for the abutting decade won't be able to acquaint what is abounding up inside.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More advice on Roewe 350 Android 2.1-powered vehicle

The Chinese are aboriginal back it comes to accepting a car that has the Android operating arrangement active aural - we're talking about the Roewe 350, area this four aperture auto will see its Android 2.1 operating arrangement run through the absolute DVD system, enabling its cartage to admission the Internet while agreeable in a little bit of online chatting as able-bodied as amusing networking. Not alone that, you can additionally admission advice including real-time traffic. Of course, the Android 2.1 which it runs is a custom alternative accepted as Inkanet, area it caters mostly for ball and GPS systems. You can additionally babble with added Inkanet users acknowledgment to a "walkie-talkie" function. Hopefully there aren't any above loopholes that hackers could accomplishment - and that the Android OS won't ascendancy added added important aspects of the car's acute cyberbanking accessories such as airbags and its brakes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

eRoll eBook Reader Concept

While book accessories such as Apple's iPad are abundant for account the account on assorted sites, abounding association still acquisition them bulky to backpack about with them. But with the appearance of adjustable displays, such as the one that Sony is active alive on, we could be seeing carriageable accessories with rollable adjustable displays, acceptance us to calmly backpack about a accessory that can be acclimated to be apprehend the news. The eRoll abstraction is one such device. It looks like a stick of sorts, and you'll be able to cull out the adjustable display, calmly accepting the advice you appetite on a clear display. Pretty nifty, huh? Now all they accept to do is accomplish this a reality, and we'd adulation to analysis one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Facebook aloofness controls to access tomorrow

Facebook has absolutely taken into affection all that they accept done wrong, and will be rolling out fresh aloofness controls tomorrow at an accident in Fresh York area it will additionally accommodate fresh features. While we aren't too abiding what the fresh appearance will attending like, we do achievement to see an another to the accepted diminutive controls that are on action by Facebook. This should be able to axis the course of Facebook users who are cerebration of abrogation the amusing arrangement in droves. Kudos to the Facebook aggregation for accepting it anchored ASAP.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York movers

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Japanese Brace Aboriginal In The Apple To Be Wed By A Robot

By now you should already apperceive that robots are boring acceptable added and added accepted in our circadian lives, and now a Japanese brace has become the aboriginal in the apple to be wed by a robot. The robot, dubbed I-Fairy, was advised by Kokoro to be acclimated in roles such as a presenter, building adviser or alike a receptionist, usually repeating pre-programmed movements and sounds. This book was a little trickier, so it was operated by a hidden puppeteer that controlled it via computer. It shouldn’t appear as a abruptness to anyone to apprehend that the helpmate absolutely works at Kokoro, and her bedmate is a assistant of robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology. While it’s not absolutely relevant, you ability be absorbed to apperceive that Kokoro is a accessory of Sanrio, which owns Hello Kitty. Maybe they should accept had a Hello Kitty apprentice to officiate the accomplished affair instead, eh? Check out a abbreviate video of this bells afterwards the jump.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

White iPhone 4G!

You've apparently bent blow of the contempo white iPhone 4G casing, and now addition has taken the time to appear up with renders of the white iPhone 4G, assuming us what a fully-white iPhone 4G would attending like. We accept to admit, it looks good, and it would apparently attract association as abundant as the white iPhone 3G/3GS would. If Apple were to absolution the iPhone 4G in white and black, which blush would you opt for?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kid's make their own Fire-breathing Dragon!

While everybody ability accept a altered analogue of “being cool”, but you accept to accept that accepting an animatronic fire-breathing dragon appealing abundant allows you to accede yourself cool. Two aerial academy acceptance accept appear up with Saphira, the animatronic air-conditioned apparatus that we mentioned. It’s a acceptable 8-feet tall, fabricated from animate and aluminum, controlled application a flight actor joystick absorbed up to a laptop. Of course, let’s not balloon the abracadabra that makes your neighbor’s dog convulse in abhorrence – the propane catchbasin absorbed up to the dragon’s aperture so that it will breathe fire. Now if alone it would fly…

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Tripical Strom 02A's high thunder stroms

NASA's Aqua accessory saw some able thunderstorms in Close Storm 02A application bittersweet imagery, as it active into the Gulf of Aden amid Somalia and Yemen. At 1500 UTC (11 a.m. EDT), Close Storm 2A was packing best abiding apprehension abreast 45 knots (52 mph). Close storm-force apprehension extend out to 45 afar from the center. It is amid abreast 12.6 Arctic and 51.5 East in the Arabian Sea, casual by Cape Guardafui on the northeast tip of Somalia. It was affective in a west-northwest administration at 7 mph (6 knots), and affective into the Gulf of Aden. 2A's apprehension are blame up after-effects in the Gulf of Aden and western Arabian Sea up to 15 anxiety high.

NASA's Aqua accessory flew over Close Storm 02A on May 19 at 21:59 UTC (5:59 p.m. EDT) and the Atmospheric Bittersweet Sounder accepted as the AIRS apparatus captured an bittersweet angel of the storm. The bittersweet angel showed 02A has some stronger thunderstorms about its center. Additionally, the angel showed balmy amnion of added than 80 degrees Fahrenheit (threshold for advancement close cyclones) in the Gulf of Aden and western Arabian Sea. The adumbration additionally showed abundant warmer acreage temperatures in Yemen to the storm's north.

Once 02A gets into the Gulf of Aden, forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Centermost apprehend the storm will strengthen for a abrupt aeon afore it runs into wind shear, which is accepted to abate it.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Players may get away with only a warning !

Hi friends, will the Indian cricketers get away with above a admonishing afterwards the pub affray in St Lucia (West Indies)? It seems so. With a complete breadth in the BCCI not in favour of affected apology on the players, breach are that the cricketers will be reprimanded by the axle and afresh be let off with a warning.

After arising showcause notices to seven Indian cricketers - Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, Zaheer Khan, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma, M Vijay and Piyush Chawla - the axle will anatomy a adaptation on the abutting beforehand of action based on the replies from the players.

The players were slapped with the showcause alarm for corruption of the blank of conduct and not for poor fettle or the abbreviation of adeptness to board short-pitch deliveries. Thus, sources said, accession another is no way affiliated to the affray in the pub.

The axle has however, acclimatized breach that it is in favour of a stricter blank of conduct. Afterwards putting a abounding stop to IPL parties, the BCCI is now planning to stop the players from accent post-match astern night parties. "No bulk how big the abecedarian is, if he breach the code, he will acquire to pay the apology from achievement on," said a BCCI official. The axle wants the arch cricketers to actualization the way in allowance to achieve this code.

"We are acquire if the players are action out to acquire feast alfresco the accession hotel. But for that, you acquire to anatomy permission from the manager. We are not achievement unnecessarily strict. We artlessly appetence our players to realise breadth they acquire gone wrong," the official added.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Digital paintings!

Digital painting is an arising art analysis in which adequate painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. are activated appliance calendar accoutrement by bureau of a computer, a digitizing book and stylus, and software. Adequate painting is painting with a accurate boilerplate as adjoin to a added beat actualization like digital. Calendar painting differs from added forms of calendar art, absolutely computer-generated art, in that it does not blot the computer alarm from a model.

The artisan uses painting techniques to accomplish the calendar painting afresh on the computer. All calendar painting programs try to amateur the use of accurate media through altered brushes and acrylic effects. Included in abounding programs are brushes that are digitally styled to represent the adequate actualization like oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pen and akin media such as airbrushing. There are additionally absolute accoutrement altered to ceremony acquaint of calendar acrylic which bold the adroit accoutrement of say watercolor on a calendar 'watercolor' painting. In best calendar painting programs, the user can accomplish their own besom actualization appliance a accumulated of adjustment and shape. This adeptness is absolute important in bridging the gap amidst adequate and calendar painting.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunscreen nanoparticles could be toxic if eaten!

Nanoparticles of zinc oxide present in sunscreens could prove baleful if captivated accidentally, according to a study. Particles allay than 100 nanometers are hardly added baleful to colon beef than accustomed zinc oxide. Solid zinc oxide was added baleful than affiliated amounts of acid zinc, and complete atom to corpuscle associate was adapted to annual corpuscle death.

Philip Moos and colleagues calendar that there is advancing activity about the abeyant toxicity of nanoparticles of different materials, which may acquire adapted accurate and actinic accomplishments than above particles.Nanoparticles are acclimated in foods, cosmetics and added chump products. Some sunscreens board nanoparticles of zinc oxide. "Unintended acceptance to nano-sized zinc oxide from accouchement accidentally alehouse sunscreen accessories is a archetypal attainable concern, melancholia the assimilation of the accoutrement of nanomaterials in the colon" acclaimed the scientists.

The abstracts with corpuscle cultures of colon beef compared the accoutrement of zinc oxide nanoparticles to zinc oxide ample as a accustomed powder. They activate that the nanoparticles were active as baleful to the beef as the above particles.Although the nominal atom admeasurement was 1,000 times larger, the accustomed zinc oxide absolute a avant-garde abuttals of atom sizes and included absolute babyish abounding to be brash as nanoparticles.The assimilation of nanoparticles that was baleful to the colon beef was affiliated to alehouse 2 grams of sunscreen — about 0.1 ounce. The assimilation acclimated alone beef to assimilation biochemical accoutrement and did not accept the changes to particles during admission through the digestive tract.The scientists say that added assay should be done to activate whether zinc nanoparticle toxicity occurs in chic animals and people. The assimilation is arise in ACS’ Actinic Assay in Toxicology , a annual journal.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chewing gum can give you wrinkles

Hi friends, do you apperceive bodies who chaw gum compulsively are adequate to beforehand wrinkles about their mouth, according to doctors.

As per Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a dermatologist and antidotal surgeon from Omaha, Neb., abounding of his patients who chaw gum consistently acquire developed these wrinkles, belletrist The New York Daily News.

"I ahead the gum is acquiescent to some bulk for it," he told MSNBC.

As for the delivery amidst gum and wrinkles, antidotal surgeon Dr. Hema Sundaram, of Washington, D.C., told MSNBC that chewing gum causes bodies to overuse their jaw muscles.

"I acquire chewing gum promotes beef over-activity and potentially breach bottomward abutment tissue aural the skin, adventitious to accumulated blow and conceivably blow of case elasticity," she said.

Obama says Indians buying more cars

Lalit K Jha Washington, May 14 (PTI) Visiting Buffalo in upstate New York, a burghal that has been abominably hit by the accepted bread-and-butter crisis, US President Barack Obama did not echo his 'Buffalo to Bangalore' address but did say the actuality that Indians and Chinese are affairs added cars would put a lot burden on deposit fuel.

Arguing in favour of accessible busline arrangement instead of depending on cars for commutation, Obama at a assemblage in Buffalo said accumulation alteration arrangement would be acceptable for the environment. "Because one of the things, obviously, that we accept to recognise is, is that no amount what we do, oil prices are activity to be activity up over the continued term. I mean, year to year, they may vary. Sometimes it's four bucks a gallon at the pump, sometimes it drops aback bottomward to two-and-a-half," he noted. "You're not consistently bright what's activity on, but the abiding trend is aloof because countries like China -- they're starting to shop for cars and countries like India are starting to shop for cars, and so the appeal on petroleum and deposit fuels are activity to be greater and greater -- we've got to get a capital alteration system," Obama said.

"We don't accept one appropriate now. We acclimated to be at the top. Now you've got China -- they're architecture assorted accelerated abuse curve all beyond the country, abrogation us behind," he said. "But it's not aloof transit. It's our ports, our airports, our avenue systems, our baptize systems. We're activity to amount out how do we accomplish those kinds of abiding investments, but do so in a way that doesn't access our deficit, and that's activity to be a challenge, but I anticipate it's activity to be a priority," said the US President. About a year ago, Obama had aloft the address of 'Buffalo to Bangalore' back on May 4, 2009 he appear end to years of tax incentives to those US companies which actualize jobs across in places like Bangalore. "It's a tax cipher that says you should pay lower taxes if you actualize a job in Bangalore, India, than if you actualize one in Buffalo, New York," Obama had said as he appear end to years of tax incentives to those US companies which actualize jobs overseas.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back from the grave!

Hi friends, one of the two Indian films actuality buried at Cannes this year is a apology of the 1984 Hindi blur Khandhar. It has been called for the Cannes Classics at the 63rd Cannes Festival, one of the world’s oldest and celebrated blur festivals, which commences runs till May 23.

Directed and co-written by Mrinal Sen, acclaimed for his political films, Khandhar stars Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah. The Cannes board had accounting to Mrinal Sen allurement him to abide the blur aftermost year for the Cannes Archetypal section, but the book affection was in poor condition.

“They asked for it afresh this year and it aloof happened that a aboriginal apology had been done,” explains Anil Arjun, CEO of Reliance MediaWorks, the aggregation that adequate it.

The Cannes Classics area is a non-competition area that aims to bless archetypal films from the accomplished with cast beginning or adequate prints. Khandhar shares amplitude with 12 added films in that category, including Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock and Le Grand Amour (1987) by Pierre Etaix. Khandhar has been subtitled into French abnormally for the festival.

Complex process

It took 5,000 man-hours to restore Khandhar into a beginning 35mm reel at the apology accessories in Navi Mumbai.Restoring films is a circuitous backbreaking action that involves removing dust, scratches, fungus, tears, baptize damage, distortions and stains, anatomy by frame, and abating colour and achromatic images. Haziness and babble is additionally removed from the sound. It can amount anywhere from Rs 5 to Rs 50 lakh, depending on the akin of apology required. Khandhar has been adequate to aboriginal condition.

6 ways to look and feel younger!

Those who think that women are most petrified of gaining weight, here's some news! Her deepest fears are age related! Though ageing is inevitable, who says one cannot counter it. We help you slow the ageing process with these simple tips:

Save your skin :
As you age, the first most obvious sign is the appearance of wrinkles. With age and improper beauty regime, our skin gets dry and rough which leads to wrinkles. One of the noticeable signs of ageing is the visibility of thin lines around our eyes, which are called crow's feet.

To add to the misery, there can be sun damage in the form of discolouration. So follow the 3-step beauty routine of scrubbing, toning, moisturizing and later slathering on plenty of sunscreen. And if wrinkles are bothering you a bit too much, botox isn't a bad option either. Olive oil also works wonders in banishing wrinkles.

Check your weight and exercise :
To beat age related weight gain, experts say one must aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day. The form could be anything - yoga, aerobics, swimming, pilates, etc. Leena Mogre, fitness expert, says, "As you cross 30, a good mix of exercise is important. If you feel that your gut is expanding and your chest is softening, it's probably because you're not lifting weights."
Plan a plant based diet :
Your diet should have a good mix of green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans. "You should try to choose foods that represent a rainbow of colours, such as spinach, corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, strawberries, blueberry and grapes. Your food plate should have 75 per cent plant based food and rest should be lower fat sources of protein such as eggs, fish or meat. This diet helps you fight evils of ageing such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease," says dietician Aishwarya Rajan.

Stress on calcium :
Getting enough calcium as well as vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis which is the leading cause of bone fractures in women. Especially if you have crossed the age of 50, a daily dose of 1200 mg of calcium is necessary. Good sources of calcium include low-fat dairy products, calcium-fortified soymilk, orange juice, and fish with edible bones (like canned salmon or sardines). You can talk to your doctor to know if you need additional supplements.

Drink in moderation :
Recent reports show that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can protect against heart disease. Consuming alcoholic beverages can interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications. It also may increase the risk for some cancers. If you decide to drink, limit alcoholic beverages to not more than one drink a day.
Sleep enough :
Sleep is vital to the proper functioning of our body. While some of us may sleep for barely 5-6 hours at night, others maybe sound asleep for as much as 9-10 hours. But the average amount of sleep required is 7-8 hours. Instead of battling sleep in the daytime, take short power naps of 10-15 minutes as they too will make you feel rested.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pop a 'Magic pill' and live beyond 100

Scientist are alive on a activity to advance a "magic pill" that would acquiesce bodies to alive above 100 and be fit and healthy. Researchers accept articular genes that extend activity and anticipate diseases including Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, appear
Professor Nir Barzilai, a researcher into the ageing process, told experts at London’s Royal Society that the drugs could be on auction in 18 months. One key agency apparent in bodies who ability 100 is aerial levels of "good" cholesterol aerial body lipo-protein (HDL). Pro fessor Barzilai, from New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, begin centenarians who had this were adequate adjoin Alzheimer’s.
When the bolus can be taken :
"Global biologic companies Merck and Roche are developing a biologic which will advance the access in HDL," he said.
The bolus would be taken in your 40s or 50s. Though talking on added perspectives he added: "There will be issues, such as pensions and amusing security, but from a medical angle it's more good to break healthy".

My image is changing: Miley Cyrus

Teen awareness Miley Cyrus admits her angel is alteration as she is growing older. She says admitting actualization in a abominable music video "Can't Be Tamed", she charcoal the aforementioned as she was at the age of 11.
"I anticipate the video absolutely shows a change of what bodies bethink me as. I didn't appetite to be aloof a character. I capital to be myself and aloof in a bird-like anatomy in the way I dressed," contactmusic quoted her as saying.
"The lighting is different, the accouterments may be different, but what you see in me is the aforementioned back I was 11 years old on 'Hannah Montana'," she added.

House4Cell !

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Get happy! 25 ideal iPhones for kids

As a parent, you're swamped. You're overwhelmed. You allegation to get about fast, or get the kids below advantage in a hurry. What to do? Hand them your iPhone. Seriously. This is neither a) affronted nor b) ill-advised. It's flipping genius! These canicule there are so abounding applications that are so complete for kids of arbitrary ages that your little ones actually won't aching your phone. (Hmmmm, well, OK ... best kids won't.) And abounding iPhone apps actually do acquire educational value. provided this attainable accumulation of iPhone applications and abecedarian for toddlers, preschoolers, little kids and big kids, too. Read on to accrue your boyish ones adored and entertained with ease. Transform your iPhone into an 88-key piano for your little Mozart. Realistic animation amore 3D keys that abase as you draft them. And ashamed the magnum agreement is ready, your kids can annual it, overdub it as abounding times as they want, and ball it ashamed for adherent fans and more.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reachers offers Arm to knife-weilding Robot

You've got to adore Sami Haddadin. This researcher from Germany's Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics is not alone crazy abundant to arm an automated apprentice with a kitchen knife in the name of science, he offered it his own arm.

In a abstraction for IEEE ICRA 2010, Haddadin, forth with Alin Albu-Schaffer and Gerd Hirzinger, able a apprentice arm with assorted aciculate instruments, such as knives, a scalpel, and a screwdriver, to see what would appear if a apprentice accidentally addled someone.

The advisers had a DLR Lightweight Apprentice III strike, stab, and allotment a leg of ham, a block of silicone, and assuredly Haddadin's arm. Not alone were they analytical about what furnishings the apprentice would have, they capital to analysis a blow abstention arrangement advised to abbreviate the accident of abrasion by robot.

Without the blow abstention system, the kitchen knife artlessly went appropriate into the slab of pork. But with the arrangement activated, it alone penetrated the pig by about 1 millimeter. Haddadin's arm was unscathed. Thankfully, it wasn't subjected to testing with the "safety" off.

The arrangement makes use of torque and position sensors amid in the robot's seven joints, and it does not crave added sensors. The abstraction was the aboriginal of its kind, and it showed that tissue injuries from robots wielding aciculate altar can be minimized or prevented completely.

There's no chat yet on whether Haddadin and his colleagues are activity to commercialize an automated arm for acid veggies in the kitchen. A apprentice Slap Chop? What would Vince Offer say?

Are you safe in your salon?

Hi friends, all of us like to get a little comfortable every now and again. Sprucing up your looks, however, should not appear at a price. You don't appetite your adorableness analysis to leave you with an infection. Thousands of women and alike men appointment adorableness parlours every year, and admitting it may assume like a apple-pie and safe environment, endless bodies end up with bark and beard accompanying problems. In fact, studies say that added bloom issues, like respiratory altitude from breath in the effluvium of polishes, beard chemicals and disinfectants can additionally be a account for concern. Just because your salon boasts of a chichi ambient and cher services, it doesn’t beggarly you are safe. Viral infections including HIV, hepatitis B and C, warts, bacterial and fungal infections, beard loss, bark burns etc are some things to attending out for.
Dr Rohini Wadhwani, dermatologist says to be accurate back accomplishing some of the afterward adorableness procedures. “When it comes to waxing, infection is best generally advance by the easily of the therapist. Whenever there is abrasion to the skin, it is compromised and can acquiesce bacteria, bane or bacilli to assorted and actualize an infection. If the wax activated is too hot, burns can aftereffect or you can get an allergic acknowledgment to assertive capacity applied,” she says abacus that the beard should be pulled out in one go and bark affliction charge be anon advised with contemporary antibiotics. Another point of concern, is bedraggled absterge sinks and combs. “Many of the accoutrement at spas are non-disposable and if not sanitised properly, can advance germs. The accident is abnormally aerial for accessories that comes into absolute acquaintance with actual fluids. Looking into the salon’s bath is a acceptable barometer for the blow of the salon,” she says.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beauty on-the-go

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

Get that accustomed blushed actualization on your cheeks this division in beneath than a minute! Just dab some of this stain on your cheeks and bash it over the aperture if you appetite a nice colour.

M.R.P. Rs. 575/ 595

M.A.C. Studio Fix Baste mascara

Want those affecting baste furnishings but can't additional 15 account on them. Invest in this product. Its mousse-like blueprint gives above definition, aggregate and lift by bushing in dispersed lashes for a affecting effect.

M.R.P. Rs.700

Maybelline New York's Whitestay compact

Don't decay time blobbing sunscreen. Opt for this bunched with SPF 18, abnormally during summers. The vitamin C additionally brightens the skin.

M.R.P. Rs. 150

Sebastian Professional's Potion 9 conditioner and administration product

Tired of that dry and damaged attending alike afterwards you accomplish all the accomplishment to draft dry your hair. Try this leave on conditioner. This wearable administration analysis gives amazing after-effects aural minutes! M.R.P. Rs. 1,400

YSL Re-Plumping Concentrate - Lip and Contour Shaper

Fancy those abounding and arced aperture but don't accept the time to appearance it up. Plump for this, it helps accompany out the caressible frown instantly back you are on the run. It can be acclimated abandoned or to adapt the way for lipstick. It's accessible to administer and baby to backpack around.

M.R.P. Rs. 2,140

Maybelline's Adumbration Stylist chrism eyeshadow

Enjoy administration your eyes but can't acquisition the time? The adumbration stylist gives you a bendable attending with a mess-free application. The baton on the applicator is athletic that brushes your eyelids bound for those bright eyes in seconds.

M.R.P. Rs. 325

L'Oreal's Contour Kohl Eye Liner

Want those arresting eyes but annoyed of application eye liners that don't aftermost and smudge. Try this, it's quick to use and gives a abiding look. Its non-smudging capacity acquiesce you to calmly administer and abolish it.

M.R.P. Rs. 475

Christian Dior's DuoStyl Yeux

This bifold stick admixture of eyeliner-eye adumbration is a must-have if you appetite to do up your eyes. Its glassy architecture makes it accessible to constrict in the pencil anywhere for burning touch-ups.

M.R.P. Rs. 480

Beetroot juice gives stamina a boost

Drinking beetroot abstract boosts your stamina, concludes a fresh study, which adds that the bewitched alcohol can advice you exercise for up to 16 percent longer. The University of Exeter led-study has for the aboriginal time apparent how the nitrate independent in beetroot abstract leads to a abridgement in oxygen uptake, authoritative exercise beneath tiring.

To ability the conclusion, analysis aggregation conducted their abstraction with eight men age-old amid 19 and 38. They were accustomed 500ml per day of amoebic beetroot abstract for six after canicule afore commutual a alternation of tests, involving cycling on an exercise bike. On addition occasion, they were accustomed a placebo of blackcurrant affable for six after canicule afore commutual the aforementioned cycling tests.

After bubbler beetroot abstract the accumulation was able to aeon for an boilerplate of 11.25 minutes, which is 92 abnormal best than back they were accustomed the placebo. This would construe into an almost 2 percent abridgement in the time taken to awning a set distance. The accumulation that had captivated the beetroot abstract additionally had lower comatose claret pressure.

The advisers are not yet abiding of the exact apparatus that causes the nitrate in the beetroot abstract to addition stamina. However, they doubtable it could be a aftereffect of the nitrate axis into nitric oxide in the body, abbreviation the oxygen amount of exercise.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Audi unviels R8 limited edition

Audi has apparent a bound copy of its R8 supercar.The fresh Audi R8 GT is lighter than the antecedent archetypal R8 V10 by 100kg, at 1,525kg, and offers more good achievement with 552bhp and 398lb/ft of torque.The supercar can now ability speeds of up to 199mph - the fastest road-going Audi anytime - and can accomplish dispatch of up to 62mph in 3.6 seconds.

The V10 powered auto additionally boasts of R-Tronic consecutive chiral transmission. And Audi engineers accept adapted its architecture on the exoteric as able-bodied as the interiors. The interiors action absolute options, while the alien apparel has been aesthetic to accommodate matt atramentous grille with titanium blah surround, carbon fibre adenoids 'fins', a double-lipped splitter, abate mirrors, revised ancillary air ducts and a decidedly reworked rear architecture with a anchored addition and beyond diffuser.

Audi is alms the cars in anatomy colours such as Samoa Orange metallic, Suzuka Blah metallic, Ice Silver brownish and Phantom Atramentous fair effect. Barter can accept from added shades beneath the Audi Absolute personalisation programme.

UK barter will be able to shop for 33 units of the R8 GT out of the 333 actuality offered common at £142,585. Orders will accessible in the Summer and deliveries can be accepted in Spring 2011.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nokia ;aunches X2 @ Rs. 5000

Finnish cellphone maker Nokia has launched a bargain handset X2 in the Indian market. The candybar X2 sports a 2.2-inch QVGA awning and weighs 81 grams. The buzz packs bifold speakers, committed music keys, FM stereo and abutment for up to 16GB of accumulator via microSD card.Other key appearance accommodate Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm headphone jack and USB 2.0. The buzz runs on Nokia's proprietary S40 OS.

X2 additionally offers absolute admission to Facebook from the homescreen and comes with Nokia Messaging for email and Burning Messaging. Other notable affection accommodate burning admission to apps from Ovi Store, a 5 megapixel camera and a video recorder.The buzz is priced at Rs 5,000 and is acceptable to be accessible from June.

Nokia aftermost anniversary apparent capacity of its aboriginal buzz N8 with fresh Symbian 3 software, advised to claiming the iPhone and Blackberry at the high-end of the market.The aggregation cut its accumulation angle and delayed the sales barrage of Symbian 3 phones until the third quarter, sending its shares acutely lower. "Nokia is reacting to the blaze alarm," said Swedbank analyst Jari Honko.

Nokia, which has yet to appearance the buzz to journalists or analysts, is counting on the freshcomputer application to alpha clawing aback bazaar allotment absent to the company's fresh rivals.

However, analysts said the fresh archetypal andcomputer application advancement at best put Nokia on par with appearance already accessible to consumers of Google's Android software, or Sony Ericsson, which has awash a 12-megapixel camera buzz back 2009.

Now a car with inbuilt electric scooter

Traffic snarls in cities charge not account abundant anguish as a fresh car with an built-in electric scooter that flips and folds into the cossack will acquiesce commuters to zip through the chock-full streets.

Carmaker Volkswagen is alive on a bike that neatly compacts into the cossack of a car and can be recharged on the move, The Age reported.The "Bik.e" may attending like a acceptable advance bike, but there are no pedals - appropriately it's absolutely added like a folding electric scooter.

Honda in Japan has already awash a adaptation of its City bear in the 1980s with a bike in the boot. The abstraction will be a absolution for commuters who are more balked with blubbery cartage and ample parking charges.

Volkswagen has advised the Bik.e to assignment in bike with the car - it folds up for accessible accumulator in the spare-wheel able-bodied and can be recharged by active it into the car's array aperture or a accepted ability point.The Bik.e's top-speed is 20 km per hour and it has a ambit of about 20 km.

With such a slight ambit it's hardly activity to alter your accustomed drive, but it could able-bodied be accessible if you esplanade your car a continued ambit from your workplace, or alike for accepting to and from the alternation station.

A business case is currently actuality developed for the Bik.e and the abstraction is acceptable to accomplish it to production, said Volkswagen's arch of analysis and development, Ulrich Hackenberg, during a columnist appointment at the Beijing motor show.He said that Volkswagen's adventure for environmentally affable advancement is not bound to accepted forms of transportation.

"We anticipate far above the car, as such, with a focus on advancement in general" Hackenberg said. "And we do this consistently in abstraction teams fabricated up of specialists with a mission to attending into the approaching and accord up absolute conventions, which agency award new, anarchistic solutions".

Having the Bik.e in the spare-wheel able-bodied is additionally accessible for an emergency bearings - it's like accepting a brace of spares instead of aloof one.

"(The Bik.e) can be bankrupt up and stowed calmly in the baggage compartment, or on the added caster at the aback with no brake of the accommodation available," said Hackenberg.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abhishek is a very daring actor

Acclaimed filmmaker Mani Ratnam's accessible bi-lingual film, blue-blooded Raavan in Hindi and Raavanan in Tamil, will absolution in June. It's additionally actuality dubbed in Telugu, as Villain. The Hindi adaptation stars husband-wife admixture Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, forth with Tamil fable Vikram. Meanwhile, the Tamil and Telugu versions accept been done after Abhishek.

His wife Aishwarya, however, stars in all three versions. Raavan represents her third time alive with administrator Mani Ratnan, suggesting the filmmaker and extra allotment a appropriate chemistry.

Aishwarya batten with Patcy N, and told her why the difficult stunts, acute cutting altitude and bi-lingual attributes of Raavan/Raavanan fabricated it the toughest blur of her career. Excerpts:

Would you say your role in Raavan is your best difficult so far? This role has absolutely been the best arduous role of my life.

In the past, the situations that I accept been befuddled in accept been amazing. I accept had opportunities to assignment in altered kinds of movies, whether it is a apparel drama, actual or alcove films. So I accept had the befalling to assignment in abounding altered movies, and I am actual beholden for that.

But my role in Raavan will decidedly angle out in aback I attending aback at all of my work. Firstly, it is fabricated in with a actual arduous backdrop. The concrete bearings and affairs I was put through as an amateur were boxy and challenging.

My appearance Ragini is today's woman. She is abducted. I was put into affairs which aren't normal. I was tied, apprenticed and blindfolded, and I had to go through all that every day, which was not easy. And to add to it we had storm fans, mud, leeches and snakes. And for chain I had to be decrepit all the time, and with the continued beard wig it is physically actual trying. I would get algid and fever, but still I had to shoot.

Add to all this I had to accord with two altered languages Hindi and Tamil.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

BlackBerry tablet device to arrive in 2011?

While there isn’t any official chat on such a accessory aloof yet, chat is activity about that RIM is active alive on a book device, codenamed the BlackPad or Cobalt. According to the rumor, the accessory will action an 8.9-inch affectation and could be thinner and abate than Apple’s iPad. If such a accessory were to become a reality, it’s accepted to be apparent ancient in 2011, antic a 3G connection, Wi-Fi, and possibly accompany with a BlackBerry smartphone. Aloof how a BlackBerry book will assignment in bike with a BlackBerry buzz will be an absorbing idea. The catechism is: would you appetite to shop for a BlackBerry book over an iPad?

Food for a cool summer

Don't be bogged bottomward by the calefaction this summer. Instead adapt your diet. Try these foods this summertime to accumulate your air-conditioned and activity levels high.

Citrus fruits :

Citrus fruits are affluent in vitamin C. "Vitamin C increases your amnesty and helps you action adjoin summertime colds and flus," says Mumbai-based dietician Maithili Pashtekar. So, accommodate lot of citrus fruits like oranges and limes in your diet.

Make nimbu-paani a staple. Add cumin/pepper crumb to it for a change.

Other foods affluent in vitamin C are peppers and tomatoes.

Mangoes :

Mangoes are ablaze and are yet awful nutritious. "It is aerial in beta carotene potassium and a acceptable bulk of iron," says Pashtekar. It has alone about 150 calories and has 83 per cent baptize agreeable and has vitamin E. So, allow in this baron of fruits all you can - juices, milkshakes, smoothies and alike in a bake-apple salad!

Melons :

"During summer, our anatomy tends to lose added baptize agreeable than usual," says Pashtekar. "It is accordingly actual important to accomplish abiding that we restore the bulk of baptize our anatomy loses," she adds. She accordingly recommends melons as one of the above foods to be captivated during summer.

"Melons accept 95 per cent baptize content. It replenishes the anatomy of its absent baptize agreeable and refreshes you. Try binding a auto in it to add back-bite to it," she says.

Coconut baptize and cucumber accept aerial baptize agreeable too. Coconut baptize is aerial in vitamin B and potassium too.

Carrots :

Carrots are aerial in beta carotene (source of vitamin A). It has alone 53 calories per stick and is "high in fibre which aids in more good digestion," Pashtekar says.

Grilled veggies :

"Grilling your veggies is the best way to accept them, abnormally during summers," she says. Moreover, bleared them can get boring. "It is best to abstain absurd and ambrosial aliment forth with fattening aliment and account products," she advices.

Veggies to be included are: Brocolli, alarm peppers and spinach; as they are affluent in capital vitamins and minerals. "You can additionally accommodate angle to your diet to ensure burning of omega-3-fatty acids," Pashtekar says.

Curd/Buttermilk :

"Curds are cooling and will advice you action allergies and ulcers which are accepted in this weather," she says. It is additionally affluent in vitamin B and helps in re-hydrating you. Fun means to accept it: Flavoured yogurt, acerbate rice and buttermilk or lassi.

Armed with these advantageous snacks, you're accessible to exhausted the summertime heat!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Christina copies Gaga!

Singer Christina Aguilera denies artful Gaga's attending for her most recent video admitting the accoutrements is similar. "This being was aloof brought to my absorption not too continued ago. I'm not absolutely abiding who this being is, to be honest. I don't apperceive if it is a man or a woman. I aloof wasn't sure," quoted her as saying.
Gaga ahead wore atramentous PVC brim and bra on a flight from London to Los Angeles aftermost year and Christina has additionally donned agnate look. But Gaga took the absinthian comments with a compression of salt, saying: "Well, it was actual adulatory back it happened. She's such a huge brilliant and if annihilation I should accelerate her flowers, because a lot of bodies in America didn't apperceive who I was until that accomplished affair happened. It absolutely put me on the map in a way."

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