Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Please Call me Aishwarya'!

It seems that Bollywood extra Aishwarya Rai is annoyed of bodies acclamation her by her appellation 'Ash' and has requested them to alarm her by her abounding name.
"When I abutting the industry, bodies initially acclimated to say they accept adversity in pronouncing my name, so they started calling me 'Ash'. But now, it has been years and I guess, anybody can accent it properly," Aishwarya told reporters.
"So I would appreciate, if you bodies abode me by my name - Aishwarya," she added.
The model-turned-actress absolved the access for artist Manish Malhotra at the advancing HDIL-India Couture Week and thanked her bedmate Abhishek for bringing the name affair in the forefront.
It is believed that Abhishek had afresh requested some journalists to accredit to her by her abounding name.

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