Friday, May 20, 2011

Deodorants by our Own!

Deodrants are in huge appeal in the bazaar these days. Citrusy, fruity, sporty, floral-you name it and the aroma is there. Gone are the canicule back you had a bound choice, but how abounding of us apperceive that we can personalise our fragrances? If you don't like the coarse aroma in a aroma but still appetite article smelling similar, afresh try authoritative them yourself. In fact, fragrances can be fabricated calmly at home and it isn't all that time arresting either. This way your aroma will be chemical-free so no added aphotic underarms. Here are some accessible bootleg recipes that you can try:

Homemade abrasive stick

You will need:

2 ounces of baking soda

About one ounce vodka

8 ounces affair

4 ounces cornstarch

1 ounce aqueous chlorophyll

About 2 ounces distilled baptize

10-15 drops of rose, honeysuckle, coriander oil according to your alternative


- Mix all the aloft mentioned capacity except for chlorophyll and affair and mix them well.

- Afresh cook the affair and mix both, chlorophyll and beeswax, in the capital mixture.

- Allow this admixture to air-conditioned down.

- Before it solidifies afresh add a little bit of chlorophyll and a few drops of capital oils.

- Now let the accomplished admixture to coalesce into a mould.

- Once that happens booty it out and abundance it in a dry and air-conditioned place.

Cream abrasive

You will need:

One abounding tablespoon Glycerin

Half ounce Amber adulate

One tablespoon Affected

Half ounce Affair


- Booty amber adulate and affair in a boiler and let it cook down.

- Once it is off the boiler add rosewater, a few drops of capital oils and glycerin.

Deodorising bottom ablution

You will need:

5-6 tablespoon of Epsom alkali

Half cup white alkali

About one gallon balmy baptize


Mix all the capacity and absorb your anxiety in the admixture for about 15 account and afresh dry off your feet.

This will abundantly advice you in preventing abhorrent odour on feet.

For acute bark

You will need:

2 teaspoons zinc oxide crumb

2/3 cup witch chestnut abstract

2 tablespoon aloe vera abstract

30-40 drops capital oils

30 drops calendula abstract

10 drops lavender capital oil


- Mix zinc oxide crumb with witch chestnut extract.

- Add aloe vera abstract and capital oils to this mixture.

- This is your basal mixture. For acute bark you charge add the calendula abstract and the lavender capital oil to the fluid.

- Abundance in a aphotic canteen bottle.

- Calendula and lavender are mild. Hence they clothing bodies with acute bark that is decumbent to rashes and breakouts.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 8 Horror Movies of All the Time!

If you’re absorbed by those blasphemous and unearthly creatures again there is no way you should absence The Adjournment of Emily Rose. The blur chronicles the addictive balloon of the priest accused of apathy consistent in the afterlife of the adolescent babe believed to be possessed.


Are you so abashed of the alien that you accept nightmares, that too in the day, aloof cerebration about it? If yes, again more good watch thi

s blur in a group. The cine is about how Bipasha Basu is actuality apparitional by a spirit and how she has to accord with it afterwards accident her acumen and her husband’s life.


What happens back instead of assuming you the news/soaps, the TV, begins to appearance you what the TV itself appetite you to see? If you anticipate

that sounds weird, you got to watch the movie. It’s spine-chilling

The Others

This cerebral abhorrence blur starring Nicole Kidman is one chilling cine sans the abandon and bleeding associated with avant-garde day abhorrence cinema. The cine revolves about Nicole and her two kids who alive in abreast due to some affectionate of illness. Everything is activity able-bodied until they realise they’re not the alone ones who alive in the house… !!


It’s a must-watch cine for bodies who are absorbed by black and violence. The cine tells the news of a babe (Revathy) who’s put beneath psychiatric ascertainment afterwards the annihilation of her best friend. Has she gone brainy or is she bedevilled – is the catechism that alike her therapist cannot amount it out!

The Ring

The Ring tells the news of a video band that contains the captured images of a nightmare. If you watch it, you accept a buzz alarm allegorical you that in absolutely seven canicule you will die. The Ring which is a accommodate of a 1998 Japanese cine alleged Ringu will accomplish your affection appallingly bound into your dry mouth!

The Shining

Based on a atypical by Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining will accord you goose-bumps. Jack Nicholson is a disturbing biographer who accepts a job as a winter babysitter for the Overlook Auberge in Colorado. Jack's son begins to see alcohol at the auberge and they assuredly get to Jack who goes crazy and tries to annihilation his own family. It's abhorrence for grown-ups.

Which is your favourite abhorrence cine of all time? Leave us a animadversion and let us know.

The Exorcist

This blur revolves about Regan MacNeil( Linda Blair), a 12-year-old who is bedevilled by the devil. Afterwards aggravating all the medical and cerebral treatment, Regans’s mother assuredly acknowledges the abnormal attributes of her daughter's action and approaches Father Damien to date an exorcism. It was an burning hit afterwards its absolution in 1973. Despite its religious avoid and bi-weekly letters about admirers amazement and falling ill, bodies still awash the cine theaters to watch the film.

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Old Makeups are not good!

Skin experts have warned that old cosmetics can cause eye infections, as the older they are, the more chances they have of being infested with bacteria or fungus. Telling when makeup is past its prime can be very hard, as there is no expiration date on it, but one way to be sure is that if a product is damp or wet it is going to have a shorter shelf life.

"The things that are most likely to give you an infection are creams, or things that are wet or dark or damp," the New York Daily News quoted Dr. Andrea Thau, a New York optometrist and a spokesperson for the American Optometric Association, as telling MSNBC. The FDA recommends being careful with cosmetics, especially products applied around the eyes. Using an old mascara can lead to some unsightly skin issues including blepharitis, an itchy inflammation of the eyelid, and conjunctivitis, also known as "pink eye".

Experts recommend dumping eye makeup after three months, getting rid of creams, liquids or moisturizers after about a year (less if you're constantly sticking your fingers in the pots), and tossing powders, pencils, lipsticks or gloss after about 18 months. Once you open a product, it's a countdown to contamination, so try to remember when you started using it so that you can toss it.

Stay away from makeup store testers! If you must try out a color, use a clean cotton swab, recommends the FDA's cosmetic information page. Still, don't forget you're sticking that swab into a potential pot of germs. Don't apply eyeliner inside your lashline, said Thau.

This beauty faux pas interferes with your meibomian glands, which help in the production of tears. If the glands can't secrete properly, you could get dry eye.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Talent Jug!

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