Thursday, October 7, 2010

Business Women of thr Year!

Economic Times appear its Accumulated Excellence Awards and Zia Mody bagged the accolade for Baron of the Year 2010. Boy, has she becoming it! In the male-dominated acreage of accumulated law, she's risen from the ranks to become one of India's arch accumulated lawyers. While you've apparently heard of dozens of women lawyers, you can apparently calculation those who've risen to the top on one hand. That's why we booty our hats off to this woman who's burst the bottle beam and how!

On acceptable the award, Zia said that she'd be blessed if the acceptance serves as "an afflatus to addition and demonstrates that there is beneath of a bottle beam and that you can chase your dreams". Now if you're about to point out that, her dad actuality a arresting jurist, she had it all laid out on a platter, you should apperceive this: This advocate has audience from all over the apple advancing to her so Zia isn't aloof accepted for actuality Soli Sorabjee's daughter. Of course, she does accept her birth gave her an bend in the antecedent years.

But this 54-year-old adroit baron isn't aloof blessed actuality the co-founder of AZB & Partners, a top law firm. As an alive affiliate of the Baha'i faith, she supports Baha'i-sponsored NGOs complex in apprenticeship and empowerment of rural women. And that's not all. She's a SEBI member, a trustee of schools and NGOs akin and she's on the lath of all-embracing organisations and banks too! No admiration again that she's a approved on India and Asia's lists of best able people!

What do you anticipate of Zia Mody's achievement? Leave us a animadversion and let us know.

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