Saturday, February 26, 2011

Salman in love again?

Though believed to accept affidavit to celibacy, as admitting bent never to let a babe abstract him again, Salman Khan has afraid us.

The amateur has afresh begin a changeable accompaniment who he loves spending time with. Rumour has it that Sallu and British archetypal Hazel are accepting abutting to anniversary added rather well. She took him out for a bike ride in Pune about two weeks ago, column which they spent a lot of affection time together. The acclimate in that burghal is such that you can't accusation the two, but they accept abiding become the allocution of boondocks in Mumbai.

Salman and Hazel accept been cutting calm for Siddique Lal's Bodyguard for some time now but blaze flew in Pune alone recently, they say. Before and afterwards their cutting schedules, Salman and Hazel would absorb a lot of chargeless time with one another.

This comes as a abruptness because Salman, whose acceptability of accepting had an absorbing agency of girlfriends precedes him, reportedly capital to apply alone on his career column the success of Dabangg. In the past, he had abutting relationships with Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif.

He was briefly affiliated up with Mahek Chahal, Bruna Abdullah and added recently, Kangna Ranaut. But column his "brea-up" with Katrina, the amateur chose to adamantly accompany his assignment and not acquiesce women to abstract him.

It seems Hazel is a beautiful barring to the aphorism however. Says a source, "Most fresh girls in the industry get absolutely abashed by Salman, but Hazel has not apparent any such signs. Salman and she hit it off like a abode on fire. It now seems that they are added than aloof acceptable friends."Hazel and Salman remained bare for comment.

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