Sunday, February 13, 2011

At 62, She Still Rules The Sky!

She is one of a scattering of changeable achievement pilots in the apple today. And at 62, she active the world's best aerobatic aerial unit, the Aerial Bulls Aerobatics Team. A mother of two, Radka Machova performs atrocious stunts, including the freefall and---the toughest of them all---the mirror flight, in which she and her aggregation flies upside down.

At the Bangalore Aero appearance this year, her aggregation performed mid-air manoeuvres with amazing attention and agility. On landing, she was calm and collected, and artless by the crowds clamouring to allocution to her.

Yahoo! India News bent up with the Czech pilot for an absolute babble in which she appear her brand and dislikes, and what it takes to be a achievement pilot. Excerpts:

Q. What aggressive you to be a pilot?

Since my adolescence I was amorous about aerial and as I grew older, I became abiding that it was aerial that I would accept as my profession as I was a adrenalin junkie.

Q. What do you best like about aerial and aerobatics?

I like to fly because it makes me feel like a bird and the complete of planes aerial is like music to me. I do aerobatics because bodies adulation to see stunts and I am blessed to accomplish them smile.

Q. Being a women, was it difficult to access a acreage bedeviled by men?

Whether for men or women, acceptable a achievement pilot is difficult. You charge endless of talent, time, and patience, but best chiefly you charge to get acceptable training which is actual big-ticket in the Czech Republic. It was not accessible for me to become a pilot at a time back aerial was bedeviled by men, but I had the determination. For women, it is difficult to accomplish a name in any profession. In best countries, the opportunities women get are fewer. But things are alteration and best countries are added advanced today than they acclimated to be back I started flying.

Q. Being a women, how does it feel to arch an all-male team?

Aerobatics is not about men or women. What affairs is how you alike and fly after authoritative any mistake. Bodies should alone be advised on their work, and it is actual important to explain to bodies they shouldn't be biased on gender. Bodies with whom I fly feel safe with me and I am appreciative of this.

Q. How does your ancestors acknowledge to your chance such chancy stunts?

My son is absolutely appreciative of what I do. And alike admitting my bedmate is a pilot, he at times gets afraid as there is no ambit of absurdity in the stunts we do. But alike if they are afraid they don't accomplish me acquainted that they are worried.

Q. This is your aboriginal time in India. How has it been here?

I absolutely admire the bodies here. They are so adorable and peace-loving. But back I attending at the traffic, I acquisition it actual anarchic and slow-moving. Strangely, I don't get apathetic as there is so abundant action on the anchorage that it keeps me hooked.

Q. What is the one allotment of admonition you would accord to aerobatic aspirants?

Aerobatics is not accessible to adept as there are a actual few institutes in the apple that action training. You charge accept the dust and assurance to accompany aerobatics as it not like aerial an accustomed airplane. In short, you charge accept the appetite from aural to be a aerobat. I accept been a pilot for 40 years, but every time I fly I apprentice article new.

Q. Apart from flying, what are the added things that you do?

I adulation chance and back I am not aerial I am skiing, cycling, pond and abyssal diving. I don't like sitting at home or spending my time idling, so whenever I can, I go out on a leisure time with my family.

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