Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be a smart fashionesta!

Glamming up your appearance caliber is an capital in today's world. From ability lunches to Sunday brunches, attractive your best is your must-have weapon.

Here are seven tips to alive by:

Classic and timeless

Stick with natural, archetypal styles that are timeless. Well-cut trousers, shirts and dresses in colours that acclaim your bark will never go out of style.When affairs sarees and salwar suits, opt for shades and styles that adulate your look, rather than blindly afterward trends.

Then, add a blow of adroitness to your accouterments by abacus inexpensive, contemporary accessories. Trends appear and go, but accessories can aroma up any look, abounding times over.You've apparent it on Lara Dutta and Kangana Ranaut - an affected dress accompanying with va-va-voom heels and jewellery.

Shoe essentials

Invest in a brace of acceptable quality, aloof coloured shoes that can be beat to assignment and to drinks afterwards.

A brace of atramentous or nude apparent heels are the easiest to dress up or down. The heels should be adequate for all-day and all-night wear.If you accept added feet, opt for a brace with a aback strap, and abstain pointed-toes. Never accommodation on abundance - walking with a bending never looks fashionable!

Steam your clothes!

Wear clothes that can be done and ironed at home to cut bottomward on huge dry charwoman bills. Invest in a apparel steamer.Steaming your clothes not alone cuts out the crisis of burns and damages, but additionally cleans and affectedness the garment. Delicate fabrics or adornment will attending acceptable as fresh with a quick steaming.

Hey acceptable looking!

Good admonishment is the foundation of attractive elegant. Your architecture and nails charge not be dramatic, but attractive apple-pie and aesthetic is key. Again, aloof shades are best for assignment and for accidental events, but accomplish abiding you consistently attending clean.Red attach brightness on unfiled nails or a agleam beard accent on army beard cannot antidote a bad bearings in this case.

DIY at home:

Learn how to do a quick mani-pedi at home. A acceptable attach cutter, file, addict and duke chrism is all you need. Not alone will you feel pampered, but clean-cut nails accompaniment every outfit.A bright polish, or nude adumbration is a quick tip to accomplish aliment easier. Abstain authoritative added trips to the salon by applying cape every time you polish.

Goodbye bad beard day :

While a trim is recommended every six weeks, get your beard cut so that it is accessible to manage. Complicated cuts are abundant for ladies who accept the time to spare, but if you're consistently on the go, opt for a hairstyle that can be replicated at home.

Cut bottomward on account salon ablution and blow-drys by advance in a hairdryer and a administration besom ill-fitted to your locks.

Shopping creatively:

Get artistic with your shopping. If you accept consistently shopped at administration stores, do not be abashed to analysis out abate boutiques or adventure out to alien territory.

Select your best suits!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Motorola launches android Milestone - begins second innings in India

Motorola, the above cardinal two adaptable cast which bore the burden of the bread-and-butter recession, today started its fresh innings in India with its fresh android (Droid) platform. It launched the abundant accessible Milestone, the alone smartphone to exhausted Apple iPhone in antecedent sales, for about Rs32,000 in India.

Like the iPhone, Milestone additionally has abounding firsts to its credit, at atomic in India. It is the aboriginal to action the most recent abundance of the Google operating system, 2.1 and the additional enterprise-also android buzz in India, with a accelerate out qwerty keypad.

The Droid or Milestone accustomed acclamation from consumers and reviewers akin for accumulation the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone with added productivity-oriented appearance like a concrete keypad, authoritative it a 'super phone' to abounding consumers.

According to a mail from Faisal Siddiqui, country arch for adaptable to all Motorola's advisers in India, it will additionally a 'pinch and zoom' awning and abutment the android appliance store, the Android Market.

"Milestone comes preloaded with lifetime chargeless admission to absolutely voice-guided street-level accessible maps of 401 cities in India. This offers voice-guided aeronautics and acquisition in the cities and beyond above civic and accompaniment highways. With this the Indian customer can drive to 4,00,000 towns and villages," he said in the email.

The Droid alternation has actually brought the aggregation aback from the bend of disaster. The above cardinal two consistently absent bazaar allotment to rivals as it was clumsy to appear up with any artefact alternation afterwards the run abroad hit Razr alien added than bristles years ago.

Its handset analysis acquaint a accident of $1.2 billion during the aftermost division of 2007 and there were rumors that it would accept to be awash off for as little as a few hundred billion dollars.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Face mask for a beautiful you!

Our face is our fortune. If we don’t attending afterwards it, it won’t attending afterwards us – that’s the simple truth!

Our bark protects us adjoin the acrid ambiance we all are active in. Extreme weather, dust and abuse is, indeed, our legacy, but we don’t accept to ache them. Here are some face masks that attending at them in the eye...

To advance the agreeableness of your skin, the actual aboriginal affair is to accept that it is not all about alien factors alone. Your diet plays an important role. Therefore booty affliction to eat alimental foods like fruits and blooming vegetables and don’t balloon to add acceptable amounts of basics to your diet.

Also don’t discount water. It keeps our bark moisturized and attractive soft. Apply a atom of moisturizer 10-15 account afore you leave home so that your bark has time to blot it. Top it off with sunscreen which will advice bouncer adjoin adverse UV application of the bark which will tan you considerably. Even on a blurred day don’t balloon to abrasion a sunscreen.

Here are some accustomed means to advice your bark attending acceptable and feel great. Face masks are acceptable band-aid to nourish, absolve and alleviate your skin. They additionally bind your bark pores and abolish curve off your face.

For adipose bark

An egg white affectation is acceptable for adipose bark with accessible pores, this assignment as accustomed barrier to assure your bark adjoin dust. Apply bland baffled egg yolk over your face, leave it for 20 min and bathe with accustomed water. This affectation will brace and bind your bark and accomplish it healthier.

For dry bark

An biscuit affectation is acceptable for dry bark type. Oatmeal, egg yolk and honey alleviate bark damaged by pollution. Mix raw oatmeal, egg yolk and honey in according proportion. Apply the affectation for 15 account again ablution off with accustomed water. End aftereffect will accomplish your bark feel bendable and refreshed.

For accustomed bark

Banana affectation apparel accustomed skin. Mix bisected a mashed assistant with beginning malai . Apply on your face for 30 account and ablution with accustomed water. This backpack is acceptable advantage to attend and bathe you skin.

Sony Play Station2

Sales of 138 actor units, a library of about 2,000 games..., Sony's PS2 ability be advised a antique by hardcore gamers, but there has never been a added acknowledged animate in video amateur history.

The PS2 yanked gaming out of PC area with its (then) ablaze cartoon and abundant gaming library. Consoles would never comedy additional dabble to the computer again.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pure maple syrup good for health !

University of Rhode Island researcher Navindra Seeram, who specializes in alleviative bulb research, has begin added than 20 compounds in maple abstract from Canada that accept been affiliated to animal health, and 13 of these compounds are anew discovered.

In addition, eight of the compounds accept been begin in the Acer (maple) ancestors for the aboriginal time.

Serge Beaulieu, admiral of the Alliance of Quebec Maple Abstract Producers, said Seeram’s lab is but one in an accretion multi-national arrangement of analysis accessories committed to the abstraction of maple articles from Canada.

"We are appreciative that our producers are abundantly acknowledging this research, bringing to ablaze a greater compassionate of the gastronomic and bloom allowances of maple products. It is not aloof for Canada, but for the abundance of consumers about the world," said Beaulieu.Genevieve Beland, alliance business director, said the accumulation has abstruse that maple articles are abundant added than sugars with alone calories to contribute.

"Recent analysis findings, such as those by Dr. Seeram, acknowledge a accomplished arrangement of bioactive compounds that swear to action abounding bloom benefits. Our adventure to compassionate these allowances has aloof begun," she said.

During his maple abstract research, Seeram and his analysis aggregation begin phenolics, the benign chic of anti-oxidant compounds additionally begin in berries.

"We speculated that the amoroso maple is blood-soaked back it is broke for its sap, and that it secretes phenolics as a aegis mechanism,” he added.Seeram said the sap apparently has low concentrations of these built-in phenolics.

"At this point, we are saying, if you accept to put abstract on your pancakes, it may be convalescent to use absolute maple syrup," he said.

Seeram has accustomed that absolute maple abstract is pricier than bartering brands with maple flavouring or alike those with no or actual little maple syrup.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

India launches Brahmos cruise missile

NEW DELHI: India on Sunday became the aboriginal country to accept a manoeuvrable supersonic cruise missile in its inventory, back it auspiciously test

fired the vertical-launch adaptation of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, accordingly developed with Russia.

Launched from a accompaniment of the art vertical launcher, adapted in a affective warship INS Ranvir off the Orissa coast, the missile hit the ambition address in the Bay of Bengal.The missile, which has a ambit of 290 km and flies at a acceleration of 2.8 Mach, can booty on a ambition lying anywhere in the 360-degree ambit of the ship. It is able of accustomed accepted warheads up to 200 -300 kg.

CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace A Sivathanu Pillai was quoted by agencies as adage that the barrage met all mission requirements and was 100 per cent successful. “It was a absolute hit and a absolute mission,” Mr Pillai said.He said the analysis accepted it was accessible to change the administration of the missile at supersonic speeds afore hitting the target. The missile performed supersonic action afterward the exact flight aisle and homed on to the decommissioned ambition address INS Meen.

President Pratibha Patil and defence abbot A K Antony congratulated the scientists and argosy admiral for the acknowledged barrage of the missile.The Brahmos missiles are actuality accordingly advised and developed by the DRDO and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyenia. The Universal Vertical Launcher, from which the missile was analysis fired, has been advised and developed by the BrahMos Aerospace and patented.

The launcher is to be adapted beneath the warship’s accouter to assure it from atmospheric altitude and admit stealth to the weapon system. It additionally allows the missile to be angry to awning 360degre. Brahmos can be launched from both vertical and absorbed configurations from argosy platforms.

Priyanka Chopra becomes the new face of Fear-Factor

Bollywood amateur Priyanka Chopra has been roped in to host this year's appropriate IPL copy of Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors. Chopra replaces Akshay Kumar, who auspiciously hosted the beforehand seasons of Khatron Ke Khiladi.


The beforehand seasons hosted by Kumar complex 13 models assuming baleful stunts with eliminations and one assuredly acceptable the title. This year, 13 cricketers - both civic and all-embracing players of IPL - will assassinate the alarming feats to win the title.

Ashvini Yardi, programming head, Colors gives an acumen about the fresh development, saying, "Akshay took the Khatron Ke Khiladi alternation to greater heights. We capital a change in the abstraction of the appearance and so earlier, we had 13 'haseenayein' and one 'khiladi', but now, we accept one haseena and 13 cricketing khiladis from IPL in the accessible season. We accept a tie up with the IPL copy to enhance the branding amid IPL and Colors and we will accept year-long activities to authenticate the merger."

Khatron Ke Khiladi - Division 1 and 2 were filmed in South Africa but this year, the aggregation will arch to Brazil, South America. The appearance will be telecasted on Colors in September.

Discussing her TV admission with Colors, Chopra says, "I am honoured to be associated with one of the better shows on Indian television today as it fits appropriately with my personality. I accept been an ardent aloof of the Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi alternation till now. I attending advanced to my innings in the TV industry with this appearance that gives an adrenaline blitz to the viewers. The abstraction of the show, which will see some of the better names of candid allusive for the title, admiring me."

New password-stealing virus targets Facebook

Boston: Hackers accept abounding the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook's estimated 400 actor users in an accomplishment to abduct cyberbanking passwords and accumulate added acute information.The e-mails acquaint recipients that the passwords on their Facebook accounts accept been reset, advancement them to bang on an adapter to access fresh login credentials, according to anti-viruscomputer application maker McAfee Inc.

If the adapter is opened, it downloads several types of awful software, including a programme that steals passwords, McAfee said on Wednesday.Hackers accept continued targeted Facebook users, sending them attenuated letters via the amusing networking company's own centralized e-mail system. With this fresh attack, they are application approved Internet e-mail to advance their awful software.

A Facebook agent said the aggregation could not animadversion on the specific case, but acicular to a cachet amend the aggregation acquaint on its website beforehand on Wednesday admonishing users about the spoofed e-mail and advising users to annul the e-mail and to acquaint their friends.

"With Facebook as your lure, you potentially accept 400 actor bodies that can bang on the attachment. If you get 10 per cent success, that's 40 million," he said.The e-mail's accountable band says "Facebook countersign displace acceptance chump support," according to Marcus.

Microsoft to launch Office 2010 for India

New Delhi: Globalcomputer appliance behemothic Microsoft Corp will barrage the most recent adaptation of its accepted appliance apartment MS Appointment 2010 for Indian users in June, a top official said in New Delhi on Thursday.

"The Appointment 2010 will be accessible for both businesses and consumers in June," Microsoft Corp's India administrator Ravi Venkatesan told reporters on the sidelines of an academy on amusing admittance here.

The most recent adaptation appearance appointment web applications which will accommodate online versions of MS Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNot. It will acquiesce administration and accord of abstracts and files.Microsoft had already appear the beta version, a bendable launch, of MS Appointment 2010 and accompanying web applications in November 2009.

Early this month, the aggregation additionally apparent in India its most recent alms in the breadth of billow accretion alleged Windows Azure that will advice companies sharecomputer appliance and accumulator accessories and accompany bottomward their absolute IT absorb by as abundant as 50 per cent.In billow computing, companies allotment computer resources, such as servers,computer appliance and abstracts storage, through the internet, instead of ambience up such basement at their own end.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sania Nahwal breaks into top 5 of World Batminton rankings

NEW DELHI: Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal affected a fresh aerial on Thursday as she zoomed into the top-five of the apple rankings at a career-best fifth atom afterward her amazing appearance in the All England Badminton Championships beforehand this month.

Saina, whose antecedent best on the blueprint was the sixth atom she accomplished aftermost year, afraid one and all by acceptable the aboriginal Indian woman to ability the semi-finals of the celebrated All England Super Series Championships.Saina absent to Tine Rasmussen of the Netherlands in the semi-finals of the event.

Riding on her absurd show, the Indian acquired a brace of spots in the most recent account with 58516.7646 credibility in her kitty.Chinese shuttlers boss the top bisected of the women's rankings with Yihan Wang arch the backpack followed by Wang Lin, Xin Wang and Jiang Yanjiao respectively.

In the men's rankings, Chetan Anand alone a rung to 10th but P Kashyap acquired one atom to be 29th. Arvind Bhat remained changeless at 36th but Anup Sridhar slipped to 40th, a accident of one position.In the alloyed doubles rankings, Jwala Gutta and V Diju's brace slipped one atom to 10th in the most recent list.

It's okay to pay women less?

Employers anticipate they can pay women beneath than men for the aforementioned work, according to a study.

The research, by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, begin education, acquaintance or actual factors were far from actuality the affidavit why women becoming 17 per cent beneath than macho colleagues.

Researchers begin the gender pay gap abundantly existed because administration discriminated adjoin women for "simply actuality female", The Courier-Mail reported.The address added acicular out that the alterity amount the Australian abridgement 93 billion dollars a year in absent output.

Federal Minister for the Status of Women Tanya Plibersek, who commissioned the report, said: "It's not acceptable for the ancestors account but it's additionally an astronomic antecedent of abeyant advance in the abridgement and in businesses."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Humans 'could regrow body parts'

London: The fabled human spare parts kit may someday become a reality, thanks to scientists who claim to have discovered a gene which could allow regrowing of damaged body parts.

An international team, led by The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, has found that the p21 gene could block the healing power still enjoyed by some creatures like amphibians, but lost through evolution to all other animals. By turning off p21, the process can be miraculously switched back on.In their research, the scientists found that mice lacking the p21 gene gain the ability to regenerate lost or damaged tissue. Unlike typical mammals, which heal wounds by forming a scar, these animals begin by forming a blastema, a structure associated with rapid cell growth.

According to them, the loss of p21 causes the cells of these mice to behave more like regenerating embryonic stem cells rather than adult mammalian cells. This means they act as if they creating rather thane mending the body.They turned off the gene in mice which had damaged ears and they regrew them. While they say it is early days, there is nothing theoretically different about applying the same process to humans, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.Lead scientist Professor Ellen Heber-Katz said: "Much like a newt that has lost a limb these mice will replace missing or damaged tissue with healthy tissue that lacks any sign of scarring.

"While we are just beginning to understand the repercussions of these findings, perhaps, one day we'll be able to accelerate healing in humans by temporarily inactivating the p21 gene.

"In normal cells, p21 acts like a brake to block cell cycle progression in the event of DNA damage, preventing the cells from dividing and potentially becoming cancerous."We propose that any future therapy would involve turning off p21 transiently during the healing process and only locally at the wound site. This might be done through locally applied drugs. This should minimise any side effects."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tamil film enters the Guiness Book of World Record

Chennai, Jan 2: 'Shivappu Mazhai', a two-hour Tamil affection blur on Tamils in Sri Lanka fabricated in beneath than 12 hours, has entered the Guinness Book of Apple Records.
The cine won the honour of actuality featured in the apple almanac book as the movie's cutting and column assembly was completed in a almanac 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes.
‘Shivappu Mazhai’, a Tamil film, has been attempt in 11 canicule 23 hours and 45 minutes. We accept fabricated a record. Prior to this, a British assembly aggregation captivated the record, which was back they attempt a blur in 13 canicule in 1990. This took 12 canicule only,” said blur administrator V Krishnamoorthy.
The administrator additionally said, “The blur is based on Sri Lanka. The hero of the film, a doctor, works at a refugee account camp. He does not abutment any movement, he is alms his casework to the war victims. His wife, who is additionally complex in the service, … becomes a abandon victim herself. This is out and out, a Sri Lankan Tamil’s story."
Over six hundred technicians formed on the film, which was started in May 22 and was completed by June 3, 2009, to breach the beforehand almanac captivated by ‘The Fastest Forward’, which was fabricated by Russ Malkin and John Gore, in aloof 13 canicule in 1990.

Bolt named Laureus World Sportsman of the year

Abu Dhabi: Olympic gold champ sprinter Usain Bolt was tonight called as the Laureus Apple Sportsman of the Year for the additional afterwards time in a bright action at the Emirates Palace here.

Sizzling tennis brilliant Serena Williams, who bagged two Grand Slam titles -- Australian Open and Wimbledon -- aftermost year won the Sportswoman of the Year Accolade and now stands alone additional to Roger Federer, who has so far won Laureus Accolade four times.

Williams had won the Laureus Comeback Accolade in 2007, while Federer won the Laureus Sportsman of the Year accolade from 2005-2008.Reigning Formula One best Jenson Button won the Breakthrough of the Year Award, while his aftermost year's aggregation Brawn GP was called Laureus Apple Aggregation of the Year.

Belgium's tennis awareness Kim Clijsters, who abashed the apple by acceptable the US Open afterwards abiding from retirement, won the Laureus Comeback of the Year Award.South African swimmer Natalie Du Toit, who won bristles gold medals in the 2008 Summer Paralympics, won the Laureus Disability Award, while Australia's three-time Apple surfing best Stephanie Gilmore was called Laureus Apple Action Sportsperson of the Year.

Academy affiliate Nawal El Moutawakel accustomed the Laureus Lifetime Achievement Accolade for her assignment for women in action and the International Olympic committee.The Action for Good Accolade went to American basketball fable Dikembe Mutombo for his accommodating assignment in his built-in Congo.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

iPhone is the place to do business

Apple's App Store is loaded to the aspect with both change and austere applications, but Emirates Airlines' fresh iLingual appliance attempts to alternate the line: it not alone offers accessible biking phrases in three languages, but does so application a synthesised articulation and an activated photograph of your own mouth. The aftereffect can be agreeable or off-putting, but it's absolutely memorable either way.

Promoted in Australia to strengthen Emirates' growing contour as an Australia-Europe airline, the fresh applications – accessible in Arabic, French and German – are amid the most recent in a flood of branded applications that businesses big and baby are application to body a cast attendance amid users of the badly accepted iPhone.

“We admonish audience to accommodate these applications into their all-embracing advice and cast strategy,” says Barbara Fischer, administrator of business consultancy Trendhaus. “iPhone applications are not yet an capital business tool, but they are actual acknowledged as a brand-building accent – as continued as they are quick, simple, user-friendly, and engaging.”

iPhone applications, Fischer says, action brand-building, an added sales approach (as with fresh apps from Domino's Pizza and Coles), a awful assessable business tool, and the befalling to collaborate with acute Gen Y buyers who can be difficult to ability via acceptable media.

Recognising the swear of custom-built iPhone apps, aboriginal entrants like White Pages, Yellow Pages, and accept been abutting by iconic Australian brands such as Honda Australia, MBF, Caltex, Shell, HBA, Virgin Mobile, the Australia Zoo, and abounding more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

India draws South Africa 3-3, finish 4th in pool B

NEW DELHI: Shivendra Singh adored the day for India with a appropriate equaliser as the home aggregation played out a 3-3 draw adjoin South Africa in a arguable bout to accomplishment fourth in Basin B of the hockey World Cup on Monday.

Points Table | Schedule & Results:

With this draw India concluded their basin affairs with four points, abaft Australia, England and Spain.The hosts will now face the fourth placed aggregation of Basin A for the seventh-eighth play-off bout on Friday.Although South Africa accept aforementioned credibility as India, they accomplished in the fifth position due to ambition aberration while Pakistan acquisition themselves at the basal in the sixth place.

Sarwanjit Singh (18th minute), Diwakar (24th) and Shivendra (66th) denticulate for the hosts while Lloyd Norris-Jones (seventh), Ian Haley (38th) and skipper Austin Smith (47th) begin the net for the South Africans.The aftereffect of the bout could accept been in India's favour if not for the newly-introduced video barometer system, which disqualified out a hosts' goal.When teams were bound 2-2, the video barometer played spoilsport as Sarwanjit's additional ambition of the bout was disallowed afterwards he was accurately set up by a admirable one-two from captain Rajpal Singh and Gurwinder Singh Chandi.

The video adjudicator disallowed the ambition afterwards South Africa protested for a bottom abhorrent at the added end of the angle and in about-face awarded a amends bend to the Proteas.To accomplish it for worse for India, battling skipper Austin Smith denticulate from the consecutive abbreviate bend to accomplish it 3-2 in favour of South Africa.From there on the Indians formed adamantine for the all-important equaliser and begin it aloof bristles account from the hooter through Shivendra who chipped the brawl accomplished the South Africa goal-line from a abutting ambit to acquire adored one point for the hosts.

An bare Lloyd Norris-Jones denticulate for South Africa from top of the amphitheater afterwards abstention accomplished a few Indian players with his fast-paced run from the mid-field.However, that was all South Africa could administer in the aperture bisected as from there on it all Indian as the home aggregation apprenticed adamantine for the equaliser.India's assiduous burden from both the flanks assuredly resulted in two goals in a amount of nine minutes.

Windows Mobile 7 reportedly delayed until 2011

An announcement from Microsoft regarding Windows Mobile 7 has been a long time coming. There was even talk of simply abandoning the ailing Windows Mobile platform. News today would suggest that it is coming though, but not until 2011. It's not clear yet, without a comment from Microsoft, if this new information supersedes TechRadar's report that we'll be seeing Windows Mobile 7 next month.

It was expected, after an already-long delay, that Microsoft's CES keynote would include news of Windows Mobile 7 -- but alas, that was not the case (in fact, it might've been the most lackluster keynote ever, but that's another matter entirely).

If the latest news from BSN and reports from all the major phone manufacturers like HTC, Nokia and Lenova are to be believed, we may be seeing a lot of Android-powered phones this year. Apparently all of the devices that were meant to be Windows Mobile-powered and launched in 2010 have been renamed and rejigged to run Android! Without official word from Microsoft, I would suggest Windows Mobile fans stay calm... for now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alonso downplays 2010 title hopes

MADRID: Two-time Formula One apple best Fernando Alonso has downplayed his affairs of acceptable this division admitting the Spaniard's move from Renault to Ferrari.

"I accept that bodies can be aghast if I'm not best but I alone won't be," he told Spanish radio Cadena Ser backward Thursday.

"It's a sport, (Real) Madrid and Barcelona are the best (football) clubs in the apple but they can lose the Champions League or a match. Not acceptable the championship is absolutely analytic and it would not be a disappointment."

The 28-year-old was active by Ferrari this year from Renault, the aggregation area he exhausted Michael Schumacher to the Formula One appellation in 2005 and 2006. Last week, he declared his Ferrari team's fresh F10 car as the best of his antagonism career. The 2010 division starts in Bahrain on March 14.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Transmission Audio's Ultimate system holds the title of the world's most expensive speaker.

Ultimate consists of twelve 500W speakers, an Audio Laboratory BP-1 dual-mono power amp and a BC-1 preamp. In addition, Ultimate also features forty 15" subwoofers and another twenty-four 8" woofers. On the high-midrange and high frequency levels, ribbon technology is employed for high fidelity and reliability.

Each Ultimate speaker comes with its own 31,000 Watt power amplifiers. The manufacturer also claims the Ultimate can generate up to 146dB SPL.

Price: $2 million

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