Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pure maple syrup good for health !

University of Rhode Island researcher Navindra Seeram, who specializes in alleviative bulb research, has begin added than 20 compounds in maple abstract from Canada that accept been affiliated to animal health, and 13 of these compounds are anew discovered.

In addition, eight of the compounds accept been begin in the Acer (maple) ancestors for the aboriginal time.

Serge Beaulieu, admiral of the Alliance of Quebec Maple Abstract Producers, said Seeram’s lab is but one in an accretion multi-national arrangement of analysis accessories committed to the abstraction of maple articles from Canada.

"We are appreciative that our producers are abundantly acknowledging this research, bringing to ablaze a greater compassionate of the gastronomic and bloom allowances of maple products. It is not aloof for Canada, but for the abundance of consumers about the world," said Beaulieu.Genevieve Beland, alliance business director, said the accumulation has abstruse that maple articles are abundant added than sugars with alone calories to contribute.

"Recent analysis findings, such as those by Dr. Seeram, acknowledge a accomplished arrangement of bioactive compounds that swear to action abounding bloom benefits. Our adventure to compassionate these allowances has aloof begun," she said.

During his maple abstract research, Seeram and his analysis aggregation begin phenolics, the benign chic of anti-oxidant compounds additionally begin in berries.

"We speculated that the amoroso maple is blood-soaked back it is broke for its sap, and that it secretes phenolics as a aegis mechanism,” he added.Seeram said the sap apparently has low concentrations of these built-in phenolics.

"At this point, we are saying, if you accept to put abstract on your pancakes, it may be convalescent to use absolute maple syrup," he said.

Seeram has accustomed that absolute maple abstract is pricier than bartering brands with maple flavouring or alike those with no or actual little maple syrup.

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