Monday, March 8, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 reportedly delayed until 2011

An announcement from Microsoft regarding Windows Mobile 7 has been a long time coming. There was even talk of simply abandoning the ailing Windows Mobile platform. News today would suggest that it is coming though, but not until 2011. It's not clear yet, without a comment from Microsoft, if this new information supersedes TechRadar's report that we'll be seeing Windows Mobile 7 next month.

It was expected, after an already-long delay, that Microsoft's CES keynote would include news of Windows Mobile 7 -- but alas, that was not the case (in fact, it might've been the most lackluster keynote ever, but that's another matter entirely).

If the latest news from BSN and reports from all the major phone manufacturers like HTC, Nokia and Lenova are to be believed, we may be seeing a lot of Android-powered phones this year. Apparently all of the devices that were meant to be Windows Mobile-powered and launched in 2010 have been renamed and rejigged to run Android! Without official word from Microsoft, I would suggest Windows Mobile fans stay calm... for now.

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