Sunday, March 21, 2010

New password-stealing virus targets Facebook

Boston: Hackers accept abounding the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook's estimated 400 actor users in an accomplishment to abduct cyberbanking passwords and accumulate added acute information.The e-mails acquaint recipients that the passwords on their Facebook accounts accept been reset, advancement them to bang on an adapter to access fresh login credentials, according to anti-viruscomputer application maker McAfee Inc.

If the adapter is opened, it downloads several types of awful software, including a programme that steals passwords, McAfee said on Wednesday.Hackers accept continued targeted Facebook users, sending them attenuated letters via the amusing networking company's own centralized e-mail system. With this fresh attack, they are application approved Internet e-mail to advance their awful software.

A Facebook agent said the aggregation could not animadversion on the specific case, but acicular to a cachet amend the aggregation acquaint on its website beforehand on Wednesday admonishing users about the spoofed e-mail and advising users to annul the e-mail and to acquaint their friends.

"With Facebook as your lure, you potentially accept 400 actor bodies that can bang on the attachment. If you get 10 per cent success, that's 40 million," he said.The e-mail's accountable band says "Facebook countersign displace acceptance chump support," according to Marcus.

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