Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tamil film enters the Guiness Book of World Record

Chennai, Jan 2: 'Shivappu Mazhai', a two-hour Tamil affection blur on Tamils in Sri Lanka fabricated in beneath than 12 hours, has entered the Guinness Book of Apple Records.
The cine won the honour of actuality featured in the apple almanac book as the movie's cutting and column assembly was completed in a almanac 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes.
‘Shivappu Mazhai’, a Tamil film, has been attempt in 11 canicule 23 hours and 45 minutes. We accept fabricated a record. Prior to this, a British assembly aggregation captivated the record, which was back they attempt a blur in 13 canicule in 1990. This took 12 canicule only,” said blur administrator V Krishnamoorthy.
The administrator additionally said, “The blur is based on Sri Lanka. The hero of the film, a doctor, works at a refugee account camp. He does not abutment any movement, he is alms his casework to the war victims. His wife, who is additionally complex in the service, … becomes a abandon victim herself. This is out and out, a Sri Lankan Tamil’s story."
Over six hundred technicians formed on the film, which was started in May 22 and was completed by June 3, 2009, to breach the beforehand almanac captivated by ‘The Fastest Forward’, which was fabricated by Russ Malkin and John Gore, in aloof 13 canicule in 1990.

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