Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pop a 'Magic pill' and live beyond 100

Scientist are alive on a activity to advance a "magic pill" that would acquiesce bodies to alive above 100 and be fit and healthy. Researchers accept articular genes that extend activity and anticipate diseases including Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, appear
Professor Nir Barzilai, a researcher into the ageing process, told experts at London’s Royal Society that the drugs could be on auction in 18 months. One key agency apparent in bodies who ability 100 is aerial levels of "good" cholesterol aerial body lipo-protein (HDL). Pro fessor Barzilai, from New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, begin centenarians who had this were adequate adjoin Alzheimer’s.
When the bolus can be taken :
"Global biologic companies Merck and Roche are developing a biologic which will advance the access in HDL," he said.
The bolus would be taken in your 40s or 50s. Though talking on added perspectives he added: "There will be issues, such as pensions and amusing security, but from a medical angle it's more good to break healthy".

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