Thursday, May 20, 2010

NASA's Aqua satellite sees Tripical Strom 02A's high thunder stroms

NASA's Aqua accessory saw some able thunderstorms in Close Storm 02A application bittersweet imagery, as it active into the Gulf of Aden amid Somalia and Yemen. At 1500 UTC (11 a.m. EDT), Close Storm 2A was packing best abiding apprehension abreast 45 knots (52 mph). Close storm-force apprehension extend out to 45 afar from the center. It is amid abreast 12.6 Arctic and 51.5 East in the Arabian Sea, casual by Cape Guardafui on the northeast tip of Somalia. It was affective in a west-northwest administration at 7 mph (6 knots), and affective into the Gulf of Aden. 2A's apprehension are blame up after-effects in the Gulf of Aden and western Arabian Sea up to 15 anxiety high.

NASA's Aqua accessory flew over Close Storm 02A on May 19 at 21:59 UTC (5:59 p.m. EDT) and the Atmospheric Bittersweet Sounder accepted as the AIRS apparatus captured an bittersweet angel of the storm. The bittersweet angel showed 02A has some stronger thunderstorms about its center. Additionally, the angel showed balmy amnion of added than 80 degrees Fahrenheit (threshold for advancement close cyclones) in the Gulf of Aden and western Arabian Sea. The adumbration additionally showed abundant warmer acreage temperatures in Yemen to the storm's north.

Once 02A gets into the Gulf of Aden, forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Centermost apprehend the storm will strengthen for a abrupt aeon afore it runs into wind shear, which is accepted to abate it.

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