Saturday, May 1, 2010

Christina copies Gaga!

Singer Christina Aguilera denies artful Gaga's attending for her most recent video admitting the accoutrements is similar. "This being was aloof brought to my absorption not too continued ago. I'm not absolutely abiding who this being is, to be honest. I don't apperceive if it is a man or a woman. I aloof wasn't sure," quoted her as saying.
Gaga ahead wore atramentous PVC brim and bra on a flight from London to Los Angeles aftermost year and Christina has additionally donned agnate look. But Gaga took the absinthian comments with a compression of salt, saying: "Well, it was actual adulatory back it happened. She's such a huge brilliant and if annihilation I should accelerate her flowers, because a lot of bodies in America didn't apperceive who I was until that accomplished affair happened. It absolutely put me on the map in a way."

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