Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work your make-up with finger tips!

Having a tough time switching to brushes for every little stroke you make?

Well, then just dump them and use your fingers instead! In fact some leading beauticians claim you can benefit from the natural heat and oils in your skin. It is said to help melt the product for a smoother application. But of course, it does not imply you just dip every free finger in different shades. Each finger applies a different pressure, and thus can serve different purposes. Read on to know what make-up application each finger works best for:

Ring finger
After cleaning one's face, the first layer of make-up begins with the concealer. Use the ring finger to spread the concealer. It provides a soft touch. This will ensure that the skin under your eyes, which is quite sensitive is not pulled. Afterall, even slightest pressure regularly can cause it to look stretched and ugly.

Index finger
As this finger is said to possess a little more pressure than the index finger, experts recommend you use it to spread your eye shadow. The slight pressure helps ensure that the eye shadow is spread evenly.

Middle finger
Girls, your middle finger is the strongest, so it's ideal for framing your eye, creating definition as you move it back and forth.

Little finger
This smallest finger is perfect for applying make-up to those hard-to-reach places like the corners of the eyes. It has the least strength of all, so it will also prevent you from globbing on highlighter when you're trying to be precise.

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