Thursday, January 13, 2011

Want to look Tall and Model like!

Not abounding of us apperceive that our apparel can actualize an optical apparition of sorts, which agency it can accomplish us attending slimmer, taller and additionally bootilicious. We acquaint you all about cuts and colours of apparel that will accomplish you attending like a access model.

Optical illusion

Go for vertical stripes. It makes you attending taller than you absolutely are. The science abaft this is that vertical ambit accomplish the eyes move up to bottomward rather than ancillary to ancillary and that gives a bacteria appearance. However, accomplish abiding that these stripes are not too spaced. "Also, abstain polka dots, checks and accumbent lines, all of these would accomplish you attending beneath and bulkier,"designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed.

Say no to frills

Frills would alone accomplish you attending like a bubble. "Wear trousers instead of capris. Full breadth pants absolutely accentuate the breadth of your legs while three-fourths would alone accomplish you attending shorter. Tucking the shirt central the trousers would additionally accomplish you attending tall," suggests artist Varsha Bhawnani. If you are attenuate and appetite to arise alpine again you should opt for bark fit clothes. If you are hardly bulky, again break abroad from adapted clothes. Tight clothes tend to betrayal your anatomy flaws. "Wear clothes that fit you well, but abstain cutting annihilation billowing it would alone accomplish you attending added disproportionate," she added. It's a delusion that the added you abrasion the added you are able to adumbrate you flaws. The actuality is the added bolt you add the bigger in admeasurement you look. "Wearing aerial waisted trousers and skirts would additionally advice in this case, says artist Sabbah Sharma.

Straight cuts

Straight cuts in jackets, dresses, trousers etc would accomplish your contour arise both taller and thinner. Don't abrasion pleated clothes. Cutting authority cuts can advice a woman to adumbrate a ample waistline. If you are abbreviate don't abrasion continued skirts instead abrasion a knee breadth number. A adapted brim makes you attending slimmer and taller but if you are basal abundant again go for an 'A' band as it will adulate your body. Cutting sleeveless clothes accentuates the breadth of the accoutrements and appropriately gives an apparition of a taller frame.


Darker shades like black, fleet blue, purple, amber etc accomplish you attending attenuate as able-bodied as tall. Dark colours accomplish it difficult to ascertain every ambit of the anatomy appropriately they are acknowledged in ambuscade the flaws. Going all monochromatic i.e. bathrobe up in the aforementioned colour from arch to toe additionally creates a bacteria look. If you don't appetite to all monochromatic, again either accept altered shades of the aforementioned colour or abrasion a allegory scarf, cardigan or accessories. "If you are cutting two altered colours again accomplish abiding that the basal is darker while the top is lighter. This would accomplish your legs arise best than they absolutely are," says Narendra Kumar. You can additionally enhance your acme by analogous your legwear with your shoe colour.


Wearing a anorak or a dress with a V close will accomplish your close arise best and appropriately would advice in authoritative you attending tall. Cutting a annular close would alone accomplish you attending beneath and bulkier. "Avoid cutting chinese collars and polo necks as it makes your close attending shorter," suggests Varsha. Narendra Kumar suggests that cutting a ample close would accomplish the amateur attending advanced and appropriately would accord you a broader look.


Wear aerial heels alone if you are adequate in them. "Avoid abate band shoes if you are of an boilerplate height," advices Sabbah.

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