Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Jallikattu' Festival!

The annual bull-taming festival is celebrated as part of south India's harvest festival of Pongal.Villagers try to control a bull during a bull-taming festival on the outskirts of Madurai town."This is my hobby," says Ranjith, who has come from Bangalore to Madurai to celebrate Pongal and participate in Jallikattu.The young men look messy and rather worse for the wear taking part in 'Jallikattu' but during the regular working week, they hold jobs as software programmers and consultants.

Among the bull-tamers participating in Jallikattu to celebrate Pongal are many educated professionals and college students waiting for an opportunity to cling to the hump of the charging bull and subdue it to establish their valour.More than 70 people, including spectators, police and bull tamers, were injured during the famous Alanganallur Jallikattu.

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