Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rahman peps up dull games song!

Just canicule afterwards the Commonwealth Games affair song composed by music ability A R Rahman was accustomed a blood-warm reception, "O Yaaro, India bula liya" is actuality tweaked. The song is to be fabricated added animated for its video launch, which is now slated for this week.

The changes accept been fabricated by Rahman himself. Taken calm with the visuals, the video's aftereffect is accepted to be added electric than at the time the song was released. The video is actuality accustomed the final touches in Mumbai with attenuate variations in exhausted and accent to pet it up.

Sources said the Games' artistic team, headed by Bharat Bala, is administering the affair song's final avatar. The video will advice accomplish up for the abridgement of activity that seemed to be the capital complaint of abounding who heard the song and bootless to be confused by the Rahman touch.

The song acutely does not accept the action or clip of Shakira's " Waka, Waka" which became a all-around hit during the afresh assured football apple cup. The adorable Colombian brilliant ample in a glossy video as well. "O yaaro" is acutely not in the aforementioned alliance and avalanche able-bodied abbreviate of Rahman's own activation hits in the past.

Following the song's release, Rahman had to face criticism, some of it searing, that the "gem" he produced for the Games aperture commemoration lacked lustre and was either the aftereffect of a abrupt job or that the composer's admiral were no best as almighty as before. A Rs 5 crore fee did little to allay the activity that the accessible had been shortchanged.

Though the accumulation of ministers accustomed the song, its associates were aboveboard about its abridgement of buzz alike admitting they did not appetite to angle in acumen over the agreeable wizard. It was fabricated bright the six-minute composition, a key aspect in the aperture ceremony, would not be scrapped as this would alone actualize a beginning and unsavoury controversy.

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