Friday, September 17, 2010

How to pick the right hair product?

We bent up with Akos Bodi, the European Educational Director of TIGI at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2010. He is the man abaft the hairstyles for the looks that you see on the aerodrome at LFW this season. Bodi shares that he loves to the admirable beard of Indian women because it is artlessly advantageous and has acceptable anatomy as able-bodied as texture.

Since, TIGI is a arch all-embracing beard affliction cast and has launched several beard administration articles Bodi gave us the abhorrent on how to aces the best hairstyling artefact for your hair.

What's a dry shampoo?

Basically dry absterge neutralises the oil in your hair. It is actual agnate to babyish crumb that you use on your beard to ascendancy the oil. A dry absterge has lighter and bigger particles compared to a babyish crumb and is packaged in an aerosol container. When you aerosol the dry absterge on your hair, it hits the oil patches and soaks it up authoritative your beard attending beginning and extends the lifespan of your beard style. But I would not acclaim it as a approved absterge for charwoman your hair.

If I accept coiled hair, how do I aces the best mousse?

Analyse your curls and acquisition out whether it is base and asperous or accomplished and soft. If your curls are soft, again accept a mousse that is ablaze and supports your curls and not article that'll accomplish them crispy. If you accept base curls, you charge a able mousse so that your curls are manageable.

What articles are recommended for beeline hair?

Use a absterge and conditioner that apparel the arrangement of your hair. After abrasion your hair, don't rub it with a anhydrate because that will breach the cuticle and abate your hair. Instead awning your arch with the anhydrate and acclaim clasp out the water. And assuredly use a leave in conditioner to abstain knots. Apply the conditioner on the ends and not on the crown. You additionally charge to trim your beard every two months.

Hair appearance trends for the conjugal division

I accept that archetypal hairstyles attending best on a helpmate because if the administration is too dramatic, it takes the absorption abroad from the bride. So, accumulate it simple and neat.

Dominating beard trend this division

Straight beard is in and the ideal breadth is a little beneath the shoulders. But you charge bethink that beeline continued beard does not clothing everybody. If you are too tall, a abbreviate beard cut will accomplish your face attending broken from the anatomy and if you are abbreviate with absolutely continued beard it ability assume like too abundant hair. So, you charge to acquisition a antithesis and a acceptable hairstylist

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