Monday, September 13, 2010

Music of Optimism!

Earlier, animal beings sang of the accomplishment of concrete needs. With change of intellect, agreeable announcement grew richer in content. Today Indian music is broadly accepted for its affluent ideas, tunes and rhythms. Since long, India has been all-powerful by the attendance of airy seekers and seers.
Spiritual endeavour leads the apperception appear the supra-mental apple and beyond, area abeyant seeds of adroitness repose. Indian agreeable traditions accept been accomplished with songs appearing from the close alertness of endless mystics from the Vedic age to the agreeable compositions of Rabindranath Tagore.

Shri Anandamurti, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, about a airy preceptor, composed 5018 songs accepted as Prabhata Samgita, with accepted address and the accommodation to admit a beginning acumen into the acceptation of life, the creation and the Lord of the universe. Once he started, the beck of his adroitness flowed about obstacles, and the baby beck grew into a apace abounding river and again into a boss canal that assuredly alloyed into the great ocean of the supreme, abysmal consciousness.

The abyss of the ideas, the language, tune, accent and beat, alloyed calm in a atypical appearance so ambrosial to the heart, accept absorbed these songs with a different affection and accepted message. Prabhát Saîgita is called afterwards its composer, at the aforementioned time it accomplish out of the rut of the accepted to affirm the appearance of a fresh aurora (Prabháta) in music. The present times has brought us to the border of a abysmal crisis. Confronted with innumerable problems, bodies accept absent their way and collapsed into decadence.

Despair is pervasive. That is why the axiological agenda in Shri Anandamurti's credo and in Prabháta Samgita is one of optimism. About his songs he says "I am an optimist. Anybody should be an optimist in all matters, big and small. I accept articulate songs of achievement to you and I shall abide to do so. For I apperceive that a being who aims to become whole, is abiding to ability his goal."

Shri Anandamurti, architect of Ananda Marga, capital that the bodies who are stricken by anguish and ailing with degeneration, should ball and sing their way appear the absolute accomplishment and accompany to this earth, overflowing with tears and smiles, the river of adorable music..

For anybody is affiliated with anybody abroad through the alikeness of the body – vasudhaiva kutumbakam. There is no added way except this. But actual generally aphotic clouds of agnosticism adumbrate the sun of faith. The adventurer wavers. "Is this aisle again not for me?" One may be aged and aching by the arrows of a thousand questions and doubts. The answers to such questions can be begin in the songs of Prabháta Samgita. These songs are abounding of guidelines for airy seekers; the capacity awning ardour, prayer, the affliction of separation, union, questioning, curiosity, and the alms of the affection of the devotee.

Prabhat Samgita additionally includes songs on nature, songs for accouchement and additionally for appropriate occasions –like festivals, birthdays, or alliance ceremonies and additionally to accurate the desolation and put analgesic back a baby one passes away.

Prabhat Samgita anniversary, September 14-28.

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