Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Genos CYCLOPS accepted controller

Genos has alien the CYCLOPS accepted ambassador that is accustomed to be the best ergonomically actual ambassador on the market. Meant to fit altogether amid a brace of hands, the CYCLOPS was originally advised to be the keyboard for the GenosTV Cable box, but it concluded up as a accepted alien ascendancy for TVs and customer cyberbanking accessories instead. There is chat of a video bold console-compatible adaptation advancing our way, so gamers ability appetite to backing some money abreast in their accouterments account if they're interested. The CYCLOPS can additionally angle up to best cellphones via Bluetooth if that's your cup of tea. While the CYCLOPS has the abeyant to be the wireless keyboard of the future, alone time will acquaint whether it will accomplish such a apocalypse or not.

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