Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple retakes the lead

With today's announcement, Apple has taken the advance aback in a big way. Did Apple anytime lose the advance will you ask? It depends. First, Blackberry is still a huge player, although they absolutely don't attending like they are "the future". Android is (or was) accepting a lot of mindshare and drive - which culminated at the Google IO smartphone keynote (a must-see). It is additionally ablaze that Apple was starting to get abaft in agreement of affectation resolution, and alike array activity - two things that every distinct user affliction about.

Today, Apple is arresting aback with a vengeance. The array seems huge, and if it holds as able-bodied as Steve Jobs says it will, we're actual impressed. Note that Steve Jobs did not use any business gimmick back the said that the iPad can comedy video for 10hrs. It can. Secondly, the affectation advance is massive. Of course, Android phones had high-res displays for added than 6 months now, so that's about time. If Apple's IPS affectation manages to do OK in ablaze conditions, they will bang a big win (the 3GS affectation does adequately well).

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