Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Altek Leo smartphone resembles a agenda camera

The Altek Leo smartphone is no accustomed smartphone, as it offers a 14-megapixel ballista that far outshines whatever is offered on the bazaar at the moment. Running on Android 2.1, there is chat of a FroYo amend advancing soon, so you will aloof accept to delay for it at the moment. Other actualization of the Altek Leo accommodate 3x optical zoom, a Xenon beam and committed zoom controls amid others. Unfortunately, it is actuality able for an Asia alone barrage at point of publishing, but that doesn't beggarly we won't abide to achievement for a FCC actualization one of these days. If you're still determined in bringing the Altek Leo home, again you can consistently acceptation it from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan from Q4 advanced for about $499 a pop.

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