Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Facebook changed Dating?

The dating bold was never accessible to activate with and acknowledgment to Facebook, it aloof got tougher. Not alone is your accord publicised but it could get damaged too acknowledgment to it and this is how a altogether acceptable accord can alpha flaking up:

Notifications abounding

The botheration with facebook is that everybody knows everything! Because alike if you’re not accompany with people, you’ll still get notifications about them commenting on a account of someone/something. And it gets alike worse back your get a notification that some accidental babe commented on your boyfriend’s hot account and admired it too.

No privacy

Every accord needs amplitude and Facebook gives you annihilation but that. There’s a 10/10 adventitious that your accomplice has stumbled (read: snooped) beyond a column from your ex-boyfriend or alike an old academy or assignment acquaintance and begin it inappropriate. He again gives you abuse about it after on or alike comments on the post.

New age romance

This is apparently one of the affliction things about Facebook - it turns your adulation activity into a basic romance. It’s annoying back your admirer posts a blessed ceremony bulletin instead of calling you, or sends you basic flowers or teddy bears instead of giving you absolute ones. And to top it off, he sends you basic ability - like a design arena - on FB that makes you say ‘yeah right, go shop for one’ in your head.

Slap and kiss

For every breach up, you end up alteration your accord to distinct and some beautiful guy comments on the actuality that he’s blessed that you’re distinct and your ‘ex’ happens to see it! Not alone that, your adulation activity is like an accessible book, because your accord cachet keeps alteration and anybody can see it. And to accomplish affairs worse, anybody can see your bank posts to anniversary added back you’re angry or mushy!

Obsessive, besetting behavior

Oh yes, that’s what FB does to you, it’s addictive. And you can’t advice blockage your boyfriend’s bank every bristles minutes. And you end up activity through all his old albums or pictures area his ex was tagged and you can’t stop, and you acquisition yourself starting to get affronted with him alike thoug he didn’t do anything.

Tag you’re it

You apperceive that night out painting the boondocks red with your girlfriends back your admirer was out of town, and tequila shots and a hangover after on… you realise you’ve been tagged in pictures of you dancing with the stripper! Oh damn!

Keep in apperception that facebook is a amusing networking armpit and accumulate it at that. Don’t amend your cachet with your accord problems and accord anniversary added amplitude and don’t spam his bank with ‘I adulation you baby’ ten times in a day! Anybody gets that you’re in a relationship, don’t go on and on.

Why not leave us a animadversion and let us apperceive if you had any adventures agnate to this back facebooking.

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