Friday, April 23, 2010

Banish that sun burn

When you accept no best but to roam in the baking sun, a tan is inevitable, right? Wrong! Aloof administer a acceptable sunscreen, annihilation over 30 SPF works with the Indian weather.

Wear full-sleeved clothes; accumulate your arch and face covered as abundant as possible. Wear aphotic sunglasses to abstain sun accident about the eyes. Sip fluids consistently to accumulate your bark hydrated and advice assure adjoin sun damage.Well, if you already accept a tan and charge to get rid of it, actuality are some quick tips.


Exfoliation removes asleep beef and accordingly the tan. Oatmeal blood-soaked in milk is a acceptable exfoliator; so are gram abrade and turmeric alloyed with curd. Or artlessly try ablution yourself with a loofah!

Home remedies to the rescue

Mix according amounts of cucumber and auto abstract and rub it over the afflicted area; ablution it off afterwards a few minutes. It's accurate to be actual effective! Or you could try bond grated cucumber with honey and dabbing it on the bistered areas.

Baking soda rubbed on wet bark helps abolish the tan. Moreover, it is article you can aloof cull out of your kitchen cupboard; which makes activity easier, doesn’t it?

Vegetables and fruits like potatoes, tomatoes and papaya accept accustomed acids that advice abate tanning. Make a borsch and administer for 10-15 account afore abrasion offVinegar may not be the best affable smelling of liquids. However, it is able fto abolish tans, by aloof abacus some in your bathing water.

Basil or tulsi is a accepted assemble that helps achromatize a tan. Its cooling backdrop additionally advice amusement sun-burnt bark effectively.

Aloe Vera, a bulb extract, soothes sun burns and helps lighten bistered skin. If you accept a bulb in your garden, aloof beat out the lurid and administer directly.

For acute sunburns

In case of a sun-burn, amusement your bark with rose water. Chill the canteen of rose baptize in the fridge for added cooling effectsHydrogen achromatize is effective. A chat of attention though; if you accept acute skin, you may be more good off activity to a adorableness salon for able bleaching.

And the best tip of em all: Soak yourself in a ablution with lavender oil and balmy soap. Relax and abrade abroad the tan with a ablution cloth. Rest assured, you will airing out of the ablution tub activity like a queen…

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