Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Tips to Woo your Prince!

Prince William finally popped the question to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. He gave her his mother, Lady Di’s ring; now that shows how special Kate is. Did you just go ‘Sigh! If only I had my own Prince Charming too...'? Well, here are sure shot ways to reel him in!

Dress like a Princess

Want to snag a prince? Be a princess. You don’t have to be born royal for it. Just dress like one. Get those laces and velvets out! Skirts and dresses teamed with stockings is definitely the way to go! Add charm bracelets and pendants to your outfits. Keep your make-up dewy fresh and watch him swoon over you!

Be mysterious

Take a cue from Cinderella’s book. Keep him guessing and he’ll come to find you! Mystery is the key. Don’t let out everything about you. Let him discover something new about you every time you are on a date. Simply put, men love the chase and they don't mind waiting for what they really want!

Damsel in distress

Men like to pamper women they are out with. Let him open doors, hail a cab, or pick you up from work when you’re having a tough day. But strike a balance by not being dependent on him for every little thing. They appreciate a lady capable of taking care of yourself too.

Treat him like a King!

Let him in on your inner thoughts. Make him part of your important decisions and make him feel special. Ask him for his opinion and listen to it intently. It will definitely pull him closer to you and will gain you his respect too.

Cook him his favourite meal. Get a bottle of wine, dessert and make a romantic dinner of it with candles. Let the ambience do the talking.

Set a royal date

Go out dancing. No, not to a night club; but to a ball. There’s nothing like some good ol’ waltz to get closer to your date, right? Brush up on your polo and go watch the game with him. Again, use step one to grab his attention.

With these simple steps, watch your prince charming walk right into your arms!

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