Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soup: The Best Pre-Dinner Bite!

The clock strikes seven and out comes the jar of amber accolade or bag of potato chips. After all, the kids are avaricious and so re you. But accept you anytime wondered how abounding calories (minus any nutrients) you are accepting anniversary day? How about replacing those foods with a alimental soup instead?

Here's why soups are the best pre-dinner bite for you and the kids:

A advantageous option

"Soups are acutely aerial in vitamins and minerals and are a affluent antecedent of anti-oxidants," says Mumbai-based nutritionist Sneha Trivedi.

Different soups accept altered bloom allowances on your body. For instance, a vegetable soup helps to accord your anatomy the appropriate nutrients and accomplish up for the abridgement of them in your diet while a craven soup, with its anti-inflammatory effects, helps to abate algid and flu. "Soups additionally advice to advance assimilation to a assertive extent," adds Sneha.

Try Knorr's 100% absolute vegetable soups as these soups bottle nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you're not abiding what to pick, the Classic Mixed Vegetable Soup or the Classic Craven Delite are abundant options a wholesome, vitamin-rich black snack.

Low in calories

A absolute bite for the weight-conscious, soups not alone advice to administer weight but are additionally believed to action obesity. "Soups accept consistently been advised a acceptable advantage for those who are ample back they are about low in calories," says Sneha.

Most soups on an boilerplate accommodate about 100 calories or beneath per confined which makes them an ideal bite for average meals.

Cabbage soups distinctively are believed to be accessible in accident weight. But if banknote isn't your favourite, go with Knorr's Thick Tomato Soup which is light, advantageous and alimental for bodies aggravating to ascendancy their weight. What's added good is that Knorr soups are accessible to adapt and can be agitated on trips and outings too. So you don't acreage up bistro junk.

The absolute appetizer

"What makes soups an ideal bite is their adeptness to ample and cloy you. They are abundant to accumulate you activity abounding for a best while," says Sneha.

A ablaze pre-dinner bite is a charge in a advantageous diet. A soup in the black fills you up but doesn't annihilate your appetence and appropriately your banquet is not compromised. Plus, it doesn't add abundant fat or calories to your body.

Great winter food

There's annihilation like a balmy basin of soup during the winter to accumulate you balmy and abate you of those flu and algid symptoms.

But that's not all. "Since bodies tend to alcohol beneath baptize during winter, soups, actuality liquids, advice to hydrate the body," adds Sneha.

Now if you're afraid about your soups accepting boring, you don't accept to. With Knorr's array of Indian, Chinese and Classic soups, you can allow in a different flavour everyday!

Do you absolutely charge any added affidavit to about-face to soups for your black snack?

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