Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Nation Wide Alert!

Terror groups al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba are attractive for opportunities to ambition the advancing Apple Cup candid matches in India and basic oil installations forth the coastline, bidding the Home Admiral to complete a nation-wide alert.

A adopted intelligence bureau has conveyed to India that some associates of an operational corpuscle of the terrorists could already be in the country, possibly entered via Nepal, and some added may access soon.

"A accessory ascribe reveals that al-Qaeda agents complex in the attacks could travle to India via boat, possibly in the abutting few months and that these agents could be able-bodied acquainted with amphibian biking to ability their targets in quick time and could be Urdu-speaking from the Punjab arena of Pakistan," the advising beatific by the home admiral to states said.

The home admiral said that as per the input, the terrorists additionally accept affairs to backpack out attacks in India during the advancing Apple Cup candid competition.

The Centre has asked the states to beef up aegis forth the coastline, oil installations and all apple cup venues. Indian Navy, Coast Guard, littoral badge of the states and littoral villages accept additionally been alerted.

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