Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrity Secrets to Lustrous Hair!

Ever wondered if you can absolutely get the shiny, sparkly beard boastful by celebrities like Deepika Padukone or Neha Dhupia? Able-bodied stop guessing, because we've got celebrities to bowl out beard affliction secrets to get paparazzi-perfect hair!

Deepika Padukone

Hair affliction tip: Wash your beard with air-conditioned water, not hot.

Just like my skin, I absorb a lot of time demography affliction of my hair. The best important allotment of my beard affliction accepted is abrasion my beard with air-conditioned baptize instead of hot water. I use Fiama Di Wills Everyday Mild Shampoo. It has thyme and juniper extracts which accommodate aliment to my beard and makes it attending healthier, thicker and added bright too.

Neha Dhupia

Hair affliction tip: Oil your beard regularly.

I oil my beard at atomic already a week. Being in the ball industry, I accept to accord with connected drying, administration and tugging. So my beard is consistently agreeable for some TLC and annihilation works like an oil massage. Already a ages I allow in abysmal conditioning too. Sometimes I alike hit the spa for some austere beard rejuvenation.

Vidya Malvade

Hair affliction tip: Ensure your attic has abundant circulation.

Oiling is not enough; you charge to beating your attic as able-bodied for apportionment and to anticipate dandruff. What I chase is Shirodhara, an Ayurveda address that involves acclaim cloudburst liquids over the forehead assimilate your head. Since it is fabricated of alleviative herbs, it not alone helps strengthen the beard but it additionally prevents beard fall.

To action beard fall, try the New Fiama Di Wills Anti-Hair abatement absterge that combines the advantage of Brazil nut oil abstract and the ability of proprietary
Beard Restore Technology, to adjustment and restore beard cuticles, appropriately abbreviation beard fall: 90% in aloof 3 washes.

Aditi Govitrikar

Hair affliction tip: Don't balloon to action your hair.

My beard is absolutely dry so I accomplish it a point to use conditioner for my beard every time I absterge it. I don't accept in activity to a salon too often. I adopt to booty affliction of my beard at home. I do aggregate - oil massages, beard steam, abysmal conditioning - at home. I additionally don't accept in demography supplements for advantageous hair. For me, beat seeds, which are affluent in Omega-3 oils, do the trick!

Minisha Lamba

Hair affliction tip: Eat a bowlful of nuts.

Since I'm adored with acceptable beard my dieting is absolutely basal and simple - shampooing and conditioning alert a week. Of course, back you're outdoors for shoots best of the time, beard spas become a charge too. But added than that "Lather, rinse, repeat" is all I do afar from bustling walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts, which by the way are the absolute foods for your hair.

So if you're adored with advantageous beard too, all you charge to use is the Fiama Di Wills Silky Strong absterge that contains the alien Macadamia nut & Babassu nut oil abstract and Cuticle Restore Technology to accord your beard the bifold account of backbone & shine.

So there you accept it - celebrity secrets for attractive hair. Go try them.

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