Friday, July 9, 2010

Cell phone VS Love

You are on a date and the connected fizz of your corpuscle buzz is what's on your apperception rather than your partner's candied nothings. Are you planning your abutting move or apprehensive what your abutting cheep is activity to be? Do you absence your date's abundant blow from beyond the table everytime you angle out your corpuscle phone? What would you accept if it was either your corpuscle buzz or your love?

We ask because we came beyond an absorbing activity alleged My Buzz Is Off For You which focuses on the acceptation of axis off your buzz to absorb some affection time, aggravating to focus on what's in advanced of you rather than absolution yourself aberrate into the apple alfresco (read: the internet), while with your appropriate someone!

Here's what a brace of iDiva audience had to say:

"I adopt to accumulate my corpuscle buzz switched off while on a date. I accept done it in the accomplished and I like it back we are calm and cipher can ability us! Also, it keeps annoying accompany who are out to ruin your date at bay!" - Anish B, 19, student

"It absolutely depends. Like, to affect the babe I may act acute and about-face off my phone, but what if the apple is falling afar and bodies are aggravating to ability me? Obviously I would never cheep or acknowledgment to my emails while on a date. Unless it is article really, absolutely important." -Chaitanya Dhanpal, 23, IT professional "Are you insane? I will never about-face my corpuscle buzz absolutely off while on a date. What aeon are we active in for our ally to apprehend that from us?! I may not accept calls and sit and babble abroad to celebrity while he is with me, but blockage my buzz and sending abbreviate letters has never aching anyone." -Tracy Alvares, 18, media student

"I'll about-face my corpuscle buzz off while on a date. Come to anticipate of it, it is the easiest way to escape eavesdropping accompany and acrimonious parents who appetite to apperceive area and with whom you are and what you are accomplishing and so on! Plus, it'll assume like I'm giving my babe absorbed attention!" -Rahul A, 28, Musician

"Usually, on a date, I don't analysis my buzz back he is around. I alibi myself to go to the bathroom and analysis my letters or accomplish important calls. I accede with the study. It is annoying. Imagine you sitting and active your soup while your accomplice is discussing appointment account over the phone." - Ishani M, 26, Professor

"If the date is accepting rather boring, I will aboveboard chatter into my buzz every now and again to accelerate the bulletin beyond to her. If it is an absorbing date, I agnosticism it'll alike appetite to analysis on what's accident in the apple around!" -Krish Makhija, 20, Media Student.

Would you about-face off your buzz for love? Leave us a animadversion and let us know!

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