Sunday, December 27, 2009

Indias new Notion Inc.

India has crossed another milestone in electronics hardware manufacturing, thanks to Hyderabad based Notion Inc. an emerging company, started by 6 IITians and a MBA graduate.
The newly revealed tablet PC is based on Google
Android platform and manufactured with the latest Tegra processor chip technology, which is yet to be launched by Nvidia.
Describing their product Mr. Rohan Shravan, founder and CEO of Notion Inc, explained that the company was working towards producing a writable touch screen, and they had worked hard for almost a year to finally complete the design, and find out all the technologies needed to make it possible.
The upcoming tablet PC boasts a 10.1 inch touchscreen from Pixel Qi, a pioneer in manufacturing high power-saving display screens. It weighs a meager 770 grams and contains many excellent features like Blue tooth, a 3 mega pixel digital camera, video recording facility, Easy USB charging, and a data storage capacity of 32GB.
In addition, this new tablet PC will also support Wi-Fi connectivity. The device will be powered with Lithium Ion batteries, which gives a back-up of almost 48 hours. Furthermore, Recently, Norton Inc has tied an agreement with Taiwan based original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), to overcome the problems of domestic manufacturing of their product.
The tablet PC, which is expected to cost less than US$ 400, is scheduled to hit the markets by June 2010.

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