Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 10 Actors Behind your Favourite Cartoons!

Who – Jack Black

Played – Po

Where – Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Animal Instinct: The cutest panda in all land, Jack Black has created one of the most adorable characters in animation films. Po was instantly likeable not because of his antics, but his philosophy or rather the lack of any. He instantly stole hearts with his search for inner peace.

Who – Angelina Jolie

Played – Tigress

Where – Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Animal Instinct: Known for some hard-hitting femme fatale roles, Angelina Jolie purred and kicked some ass as the fierce Tigress. Her voice over was on spot, and she claims this is her kids’ most favourite character in the franchise.

Who – Woody Allen

Played – Z

Where – Antz

Animal Instinct: Who would have thought Woody Allen in the voice of an ant would be so interesting? With one of the most unexpected voice-overs, this world-renowned director surprises not just with his dry humor but also with his impeccable timing.

Who – Jeremy Irons

Played – Scar

Where – The Lion King

Animal Instinct: It is one of the most popular and influential animation classics of our time. The story of a young lion cub forced into exile following the death of his father at the hands of his evil uncle, Scar. It made The Lion King an instant hit with adults and children alike. Even though the protagonist was Simba, it was Scar, played by Jeremy Irons, who stole the show with his viciousness.

Who – Ben Stiller

Played – Alex, the lion

Where – Madagascar

Animal Instinct: One of the most versatile actors around, Ben Stiller stood out in an all animal ensemble cast in the animation flick Madagascar. Alex, the lion, who escapes with his friends from a New York zoo is brought to life by Stiller’s charming personality and voice.

Who – Ellen De Genres

Played – Dory

Where – Finding Nemo (2003)

Animal Instinct: She was forgetful as a TV host, but no one could forget how brilliant Ellen De Genres was as the blue coral fish Dory in Finding Nemo. While the film went on to become a huge hit, the character emerged as one of the most popular ones among animation films.

Who – Ray Romano

Played – Manny

Where – Ice Age (2002)

Animal Instinct: We loved him in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. But it’s his woolly mammoth act that tugged at our heartstrings. Romano plays the giant soft hearted Manny who evolves over a period of three films. Despite being stuck in Ice Age, there’s nothing cold about his demeanour.

Who – Helena Bonham Carter

Played – Ari

Where – Planet of the Apes (2001)

Animal Instinct: One of the most versatile actors around, Helena Bonham Carter played a full grown chimpanzee in Tim Burton’s adaptation of the classic tale of fight between humans and primates. Despite hours of make-up and special training on how to imitate the ape movements, she made this performance look effortless.

Who – Eddie Murphy

Played – Donkey

Where – Shrek (2001)

Animal Instinct: Even though Shrek, the ogre, is the central character in all the films, it’s the affable donkey who steals the thunder in most of the scenes. Eddie Murphy does a stellar job of playing a talking donkey that not only yaps but also provides the perfect side kick to Shrek.

Who – Will Smith

Played – Oscar

Where – Shark Tale (2004)

Animal Instinct: You would think it to be odd for an action hero to play a fish! But in Shark Tale, Will Smith proves detractors wrong and shows that his talent is not limited to his looks and bulges! Shark Tale went on to be a huge hit, and the actor proved that he can do more than just get ‘jiggy with it’.

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