Saturday, January 16, 2010


An Indonesian caught a 14.85m long Python weighing 447kg. Up to now, this python is regarded as the world’s largest snake. It was captured in the jungle of the western part of Sumatra Island. The owner of the snake later sold this snake to a park and the staff at the park gave it a name as “guihua”. “guihua” here, in general, refers to a type of a flower. That is why this name may sound gentle to hear, but it is indeed a scary scene when “guihua” opens its mouth while attacking its enemy. It can swallow the whole body of a human in a very short period. According to the Indonesian media, an examination on its length, weight and species has been carried out extensively by Indonesia’s National Institute of Science, Institute of Agriculture and other academic institutions. Many scientists said that they had never seen such a long snake.

According to the sources of Indonesia, it is not an easy task to subdue such a gigantic snake. It usually needs an accumulation of 8 to 10 strong men’s energy to get hold of this snake. Previously, the Guinness World Records has recorded the world’s longest snake which has a length of 10m. However, this snake was shot in 1912 in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the scientists disclosed that the discovery of this world’s longest snake is the Southeast Asia’s indigenous snake. This snake is commonly seen in Indonesia, Philippines but generally its length hardly reached to such extend.

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